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Wake up to Roar


This beautiful collection of quotes were taken from videos or live meetings that happened with Sarkhân.

If you pay attention, with these pointers or directions, you can find many layers of wisdom and transformational suggestions to where they point at, see where they all lead you. You will be able to recognize, once and for all, your divine nature.

I hope you find this helpful and insightful. The more open one is, the words that come from the Source of all love and light will help you enormously. Then you will find the reality of the Self as the only truth.

Trace the Light towards the origin, then, by the grace of the crystalline, pure and healing waters of love & peace, you will go to the deepest place so that you can remember your place in Heaven.

All the love,

Wake up to Roar

Wake up to Roar


"Don't let your attention rest on anything.
This is not the game for you anymore, 
now you are in a different game.
The game of consciousness has nothing to do with you.
So, let go of everything & completely."
- Sarkhân

"Your mind will never understand the Presence of the present
 and of the now.
 Don't try to understand.
 It will never happen in life."
- Sarkhân

"Your mind never has and will never give anything of value.
  So never listen to your mind and thoughts.
  The ghost is never real."
- Sarkhân

"Your mind is never right 100% of the time.
 Perfect, then never pay attention to it."
- Sarkhân

Wake up to Roar

"See that what the mind says will never be right
 and his opinion is never valid.
 Immediately if you apply this it brings you here."
- Sarkhân

It no longer has anything to give you,
 let go of the past, stay here.
The future:
 there is nothing there that you are looking for, then stay here."
- Sarkhân

Does not allow you to connect with Creation.
 What allows you to connect...
is when you are a Witness of Creation."
- Sarkhân

 you do not have control of what you are going to do,
let your body, Life guide you, show you...
You're going to do what you have to do."
- Sarkhân

Wake up to Roar

"When you really rest, there is no lack of anything of any kind, ever!"
- Sarkhân

"You are the home of the world, love it 
and take care of it with your Light.
 That Light that is beyond and behind everything."
- Sarkhân

"In You there is a universe of riches.
 Why are you looking outside?
 I have left you a map with directions to it.
 Go explore that adventure!!!
- Sarkhân

"Know yourself and the Truth will reveal itself to you.
 Look at yourself in the mirror of your own eyes."
- Sarkhân

It is the beginning of any conflict, doubt and confusion.
Recognize the shape-shifter mutant, his hiding places...
 and it won't be long before you break the blinding spell from him."
- Sarkhân

Wake up to Roar

"A single word can light up the sky.
  And a word spoken from the heart THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE".
- Sarkhân

"Decide to meet your true SELF.
 Not so much to that one you think is you.
 One will take you far...
 and the other will keep you in an endless torpor."
- Sarkhân

"Know yourself and the Universe will be yours."
- Sarkhân

"Only he who knows how to be truly alone,
will be able to connect with something much deeper,
 and will Love without hesitation or conditions."
- Sarkhân

"If your actions were imbued with love and devotion,
 and if you directed them to the will of God,
 your life would become sacred in all its aspects."
- Sarkhân

Wake up to Roar

"Emotionality is something invented by the mind.
 Only this one could have named it.
 Don't fall for the deception, then you will be free from that trap.
 Live in freedom!"
- Sarkhân

"Brick by brick a building is built."
- Sarkhân

"We have a very big opportunity.
 To recognize ourselves as love and 
not filter life with feelings and
needs of an encapsulated love or lack."
- Sarkhân

"Break the chains of ideas and imagination,
 recognizing that you have never been a prisoner of anything.
 Your growth will start when you see that there is no growth."
- Sarkhân

"Insufficiency paralyzes, suffocates and kills.
 YOU ARE Huge, Great, Beautiful and Divine.
 Stop pretending something you are not."
- Sarkhân

Wake up to Roar

"The ego has never existed and neither does the mind.
 So why worry?"
- Sarkhân

"Do not be afraid in creating the life you deserve and want.
 Speak honestly and ask.
 You will see that life wants you to be happy.
 But you have to decide to live like this and act accordingly."
- Sarkhân

"A decision to go for more should give you the clarity that, 
in truth, your heart is stronger than fear."
- Sarkhân

"If you treat everything as if it were a trap,
 and you are the Witness of the traps,
You wouldn't fall for any."
- Sarkhân

"Consider everything as an invitation 
to mature towards the rupture of duality."
- Sarkhân

Wake up to Roar

"By taking thoughts as mere thoughts,
 You'll see that it's easier to realize something that lies deeper in you,
 much truer, much more YOU."
- Sarkhân

"The depersonalized YOU or Pure Consciousness,
 is revealed when the sense of a limited 
and separate self dissolves into pure present-observation."
- Sarkhân

"Where you see that no thought has its own or reality,
 there is an infinite ocean of peace, that floods into everything,
because you enter into connection with Source.
Your notion of individuality merges into the Whole, 
into the Cosmic Mind."
- Sarkhân

"Your SELF does not come from the mind."
- Sarkhân

"That Pure attention,
 That Presence always attentive, eternal and unlimited,
it only reveals itself by taking distance from what is not real."
- Sarkhân

Wake up to Roar

"Let Wisdom and the natural cycle 
of things flow at its own pace.
Don't wish it was different because 
this brings resistance and frustration."
- Sarkhân

"It takes a lot of courage to listen to the heart
 and recognize that, within each one of us,
 we have a very great desire to find the reason for our Existence, 
Love or Tranquility."
- Sarkhân

"Many people do not dare to manifest what their heart desires,
 for fear, for what is safe and comfortable. 
A platform to be confronted and sometimes possibly destroyed."
- Sarkhân

"Fear causes that many people 
do not dare anything and live a monotonous and meaningless life."
- Sarkhân

"Make brave decisions, you will discover a lot."
- Sarkhân

Wake up to Roar

"We look for certain feelings behind some wishes and dreams,
because these are going to give us that missing feeling.
 The problem of this is that those desires
don't last long or are conditioned to the circumstances."
- Sarkhân

"Dare to walk your dreams?
Are you willing to listen
the voice of the heart that shouts: WAKE UP!!?"
- Sarkhân

"There is no greater dream or desire or anything 
that compares to find yourself, discover your nature
and experience the Union with God, with the Creator, 
with Silence. Awaken to the reality that Consciousness it's everything."
- Sarkhân

"The purest desire, it is to rediscover ourselves with the Source;
 unite and merge in love.
External things will never give us what we are looking for.
 Everything is within you."
- Sarkhân

Wake up to Roar

"To walk the path to your Interior,
It takes all the strength, bravery...
 even if it means going against the current of the river of illusion,
wishes and norms.”
- Sarkhân

"Everyone has the strength to find out who they are.
But it takes letting go all that one believes to be,
 the thought that you know who you are and every aspect of life.”
- Sarkhân

"I try to give you an answer inside the mirage,
 so that you stop validating the mirage."
- Sarkhân

"I validate a point of view,
 from where is it being done the point of view.
 But I don't validate it, 
when there is someone which holds that view 
as if is the only point of view or is the truest.
That's where they get lost."
- Sarkhân

Wake up to Roar

"That point of view is going to dissolve or be challenged,
 with a purer point of view or perception of life or current reality.
 And the previous point of view will not agree,
 and he is going to defend itself, is going to assume 
and he is going to justify itself 
and he is going to try to bring an argument to validate its own perception. And that's where the problem starts."
- Sarkhân

"If you let It be, you allow yourself to BE.
 And if you allow yourself to BE, everything IS.
 And the veil is torn apart."
- Sarkhân

"When you're confused: who is that one who thinks as I have to...?
 At that moment don't worry, the world is not going to end...
Contemplate that serene pause… Who is that one getting confused?
Who is that one who blocks my mind, my Being, my feelings...?
And if you pay attention, and don't fall into the trap,
there is something natural in you, 
that will start to take a step away
 (but it's not because he's doing something to distance himself).
If not, it is not going to stop validating all that proposes 
that has to do with oneself."
- Sarkhân

Wake up to Roar

"Any wish...
 wish for peace desire to be present wish for happiness…
 is inside-fed-and sustained-by the false self, this is pure suffering."
- Sarkhân

"Most people suffer, to be able to be in peace, 
or live happily or in love. Suffering: 
I have to make it, make it this way.
 You make it, you achieve it and Now how do I not lose it?
 How do I take care of it? This is based on suffering, effort, stress...
That's why it's a never-ending game.
 It ends when that false self is recognized that makes you think it's you."
- Sarkhân

"Why would you want to have no thoughts?
 Why would you want to be clear?
Why would you want to be aware?
 Who is that one who would like to be clear, aware...?
That he wants it to be easy. Who is that one who has a history, 
some mechanisms that they will work for their own benefit?
Who wants a benefit of their own? Who wants to be in peace?
 You ARE the SOURCE of all peace.
 If you realized that you are already at peace before the mind tells you that you are not at peace...
 Pay no attention!"
- Sarkhân

Wake up to Roar

"That's why it's important to pay attention
where does that little ghost start that begins 
to suggest false and unreal things to you."
- Sarkhân

"In life, if there is no I or me,
suddenly it becomes magical, things settle,
 and other opportunities present themselves."
- Sarkhân

"You don't have to make decisions."
- Sarkhân

Wake up to Roar


"Your body, your life will come to do what it has to do.
Whether you like it or not, good or bad decisions, 
this you will have to experiment.
This is freedom. 
You only have to contemplate the dance that you have to live.
You are not deciding, everything is already decided."
- Sarkhân

"Always allow yourself to BE, 
do not allow yourself to be defined as a me-I-self."
- Sarkhân

"Who is having a hard time? 
Who and why?
And suddenly and by itself it becomes clear,
by itself the distance is generated.
And that starts to be very natural."
- Sarkhân

Wake up to Roar

"That neutral attention is required, but attentive, 
of none importance and disinterest to find out 
that 'that-ego-I' doesn't start the lie."
- Sarkhân

"If you allow all phenomena and things to happen
(That game is irrelevant to you and you don't apply it to yourself)
you are free from everything."
- Sarkhân

"One has the game cataloged:
The right thing:
it is being present, happy or connected.
The bad:
thoughts of distraction, rejection, judgment...
And this is a total loss, you are jumping from one to another
and that's stressful."
- Sarkhân

"LIVING is simply BEING."
- Sarkhân

Wake up to Roar

"That you leave with millions of thoughts? Love it and say thank you.
 That I got distracted a million times: thank you God thank you.
 Who am I to say that I don't have to be distracted?
That I go on thoughts every second: thank you.
Who am I to give my opinion and want it to be different?
When you really put yourself in that place, 
in that state Who am I to have an opinion about something?
What do you think is happening? 
Everything clears up, it gets serene.
All because you remove that ‘I-me’ that is constantly controlling,
 demanding and asking."
- Sarkhân

"Surrender, humility and openness:
so that Life leads you to be guided,
this is the greatest act of humility and courage that someone can act."
- Sarkhân

"Believe me, if you play in yourself,
in not wanting anywhere that is different,
if you allow yourself to BE, no desire, no preference…
This freedom."
- Sarkhân

Wake up to Roar

"It only helps, not intervening in the Divine Game.
Only the INFINITE knows more than all of us at all levels."
- Sarkhân

"Be willing to see and contemplate and do not get involved”
- Sarkhân

"In all the experiences you have, laugh.
These are insignificant to thy Power."
- Sarkhân

"There is transformation in every moment."
- Sarkhân

"Life cannot be enjoyed if you are not present and aware of it."
- Sarkhân

"Do you want to take advantage of Life? BE."
- Sarkhân

Wake up to Roar

"Let go of all those learnings that only lead to chaos, 
stress and pain. Nobody is happy, most are not happy.
Suffering is broken by unlearning everything."
- Sarkhân

"Playing to be the observer or the witness of everything 
is a powerful game, but if you combine it with 
Being That without self-definition it is more powerful"
- Sarkhân

"Freedom is simple, If you don't believe anything
of what anyone has ever told you 
and you empty yourself.
Then Your identity is revealed as non-identity."
- Sarkhân

"Everything is glorious and beautiful."
- Sarkhân

"You cannot realize that everything IS YOU 
because you don't even realize that YOU ARE."
- Sarkhân

Wake up to Roar

"Realizing that YOU ARE EVERYTHING,
it means you need the consciousness to realize something.
Then it implies that the SELF has a limitation, a lack…
This is impossible and does not exist.
THE SELF does not need, IT IS."
- Sarkhân

"BEING is so simple, then everything comes into play."
- Sarkhân

"In the act of simply BEING without realizing that you are,
the most beautiful of you shines and is clear."
- Sarkhân

"If your existence depended on realizing it,
 you wouldn't exist."
- Sarkhân

"Never, never ever ever, neither past, nor present, 
nor future, in all possible realities,
there has never been a place where the attention is not placed from
there is never a ‘where’ it doesn’t pay ATTENTION."
- Sarkhân

Wake up to Roar

"Everything you ever heard is past; 
even who you think you are.
So, all this is useless for your AWAKENING."
- Sarkhân

"To wake up nothing serves you,
nothing you have experienced
up until this moment serves you."
- Sarkhân

"If you DROP literally everything,
and you pay no attention to anything at all
that has to do with the past, you are really empty."
- Sarkhân

“I know that my life is to serve others to find the magic 
in every moment of its existence.
My life from that moment until now,
has not stopped being a constant exploration of
 inner peace and unconditional love."
- Sarkhân

Wake up to Roar

"Exploring Consciousness and the Eternal Now:
Live every moment in pure magic, exploration and abundance.
Where you only discover that what exists is an Eternal Moment.
Where only the Divine exists and the Divine is playing."
- Sarkhân

"A life without limits without a "I can't", 
"what's going to happen", "I'm scared"...
None of this exists in the Eternal."
- Sarkhân

"Living life where only the game exists without stress, 
without attachments and living in innocence 
as well as tenderness, kindness and love.
It's worth giving everything to live like this."
- Sarkhân

"Each moment is an eternal exploration of BEING.
My life is pure joy and love to all equally,
regardless of the situation and what they have done,
pure unconditional love."
- Sarkhân

Wake up to Roar

"I have discovered that everything begins with oneself,
 love yourself to love others."
- Sarkhân

"Do you want to continue like this?
Or would you like to learn the key to always live happily?"
- Sarkhân

When all of you is delivered to the Divine Love of the SELF.
Every moment. Don't waste time anymore. 
You do not have another option. How do you make sure of this? 
HERE. Without TURNING away.
Without validating anything.
And a romance begins, a very different intimacy begins, very Sacred, 
very Beautiful, Immaculate, which requires that you are 
as pure as possible of everything, clean, white, pristine.
And a Love that you never would have imagined existed shows up."
- Sarkhân

"This place or this we do is for those who want 
to meet with the Beloved, with his Beloved, 
with oneself. At the same time you discover is the same dance."
- Sarkhân

Wake up to Roar

"The entire Universe cannot contain you of how IMMENSE YOU ARE."
- Sarkhân

"If you find out who You are,
and in that self-transformation automatically
the well-being that you live and experience,
it moves towards your partner, your family... 
to Everything."
- Sarkhân

Wake up to Roar


"Imagine what a beautiful 
and Immense gift you can bring the others,
when you bring the best version of you."
- Sarkhân

"There is no better gift than You realize,
That is the best you can give to the world?
- Sarkhân

"If you only allow yourself to Be and to rest in you,
that automatically burns all lies."
- Sarkhân

"There is only one worthwhile meditation to explore, 
and it is the only true one.
And it is to remain BEING as the SELF ITSELF."
- Sarkhân

Wake up to Roar

"There are people who were willing 
to leave everything to find the HIGHEST TRUTH."
- Sarkhân

"What is it that is more important than everything else?"
- Sarkhân

"The deepest Truths,
they only reveal themselves in Silence, 
Emptiness, in the absence of me.
Without you doing anything."
- Sarkhân

"The emptier you are,
the more you will receive,
and much more you will be filled."
- Sarkhân

"He who perceives himself as ‘I-ness/Being-ness’
is the beginning of all conflict, all multiplicity.
But there is something that is not subject to none of that."
- Sarkhân

Wake up to Roar

"If you are empty of:
-of intentions
Everything will become clearer.
If you stop the:
-to replicate
-to get
-to see
Everything clears up."
- Sarkhân

"The emptier you are of everything,
You realize that you have always been emptied of everything.
This makes everything clearer."
- Sarkhân

"Everything that is not true,
Thank it that it bothers.
It's trying to go completely out of your perception."
- Sarkhân

Wake up to Roar

"Nothing that happened on the previous chapter
be empty of it… 
It's not good for the next empty one."
- Sarkhân

"For the reality of BEING,
nothing serves more than to reduce you as much as possible 
- Sarkhân

"The Void can be immediate,
as long as you don't pay attention to that ‘I-ness / me-ness’
that has accumulated experiences, knowledge, 
or that it feels confused.
Who is that me, that I? 
You take away that me, you see that nothing exists, 
and automatically there is an Emptiness, an opening and humility."
- Sarkhân

"Only the false self would like to hold on to something.
Only I would like to create a self-knowledge platform,
something to sustain the validation of existing."
- Sarkhân

Wake up to Roar

"Whatever is being revealed for you right now welcome it!
If something is dissolving, clarifying... welcome it!
If you understand something, that's good!
If you do not understand? Welcome it!
But nothing that happens conclude it like it has something for you.
- Sarkhân

"The less you know, the emptier you become,
lighten up, drop the backpack.
The less, the less, the less... 
you know the recognition and the insight of 
a deeper game is easier of what has always really BEEN."
- Sarkhân

"When you see that you apply knowledge for your entity, 
throw it away.
Stay EMPTY again."
- Sarkhân

."In that immediate VOID something is automatically 
- Sarkhân

Wake up to Roar

"The ego:
- Sarkhân

"All that interests me here is that you discover who YOU ARE.
That is the only interest, and the only thing that is explored.
And that is true meditation, when the radical begins in your Presence, 
to burn all that is false in front of you.
Everything you ever wanted begins to happen naturally, 
without you doing anything.
Everything starts to happen, everything. 
Because you are staying in your SENSE OF BEING, 
and not accepting anything as if it were you."
- Sarkhân

"This is very simple, very very simple.
If you pay attention the great enigma of who you are
can be solved right now forever and definitive."
- Sarkhân

Wake up to Roar

"The directional angles are here so that right now 
you realize the simplicity of what it means to BE That without limits.
BE what you have always been. FREE, COMPLETE, RADIANT.
That which has never had any FAILURE, nor LACK,
That has never had purposes, nor duties, nor desires… 
Because It Is EVERYTHING."
- Sarkhân

"If It Is EVERYTHING there can be no desires.
If It Is EVERYTHING there can be no intentions.
Anything other than THAT is a fantasy."
- Sarkhân

"You have never required to do anything to discover your True Nature."
- Sarkhân

"Discover yourself in SILENCE, in the QUIETNESS of BEING.
And all will be revealed."
- Sarkhân

Wake up to Roar

"Any search, any intention, any trying about anything,
is assuming that you are missing something."
- Sarkhân

"If the sleep is deep, just a nightmare can wake you up."
- Sarkhân

"It is my wish for you that you live from your BEING.
And forget everything else."
- Sarkhân

Wake up to Roar


I hope you give yourself some quality time to explore what we have shared with you. Do not allow your soul to remain lost, and to continue dreaming its cosmic dream. Get out of the spell. Let this not be stored knowledge. Discover your Reality, do not be afraid...

I love you and I wish with all my soul that you can see yourself, as well as the creator sees you as He only sees himself, since you are HE. AMEN.


Reconnect with the greatness of your true Self.

Know the power you have always had over the decisions, actions and results of your life.

Discover your own self. It's time.


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Wake up to Roar


Wake up to Roar


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Wake up to Roar

Wake up to Roar

"I wish that everything shared can help you awaken to the reality of the Self, the Supreme, the Absolute. That its light goes to the depths of your heart for you to remember your oneness with Truth. There has never been any separation or illusion. You have always been the Light of Lights. Wake up!”

- Sarkhân -

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