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Twelve Rays Overview

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Twelve Rays Overview

Welcome and Thank You

Thank you for taking the time to read this overview of the Twelve Rays. The information about the Twelve Rays was originally given to us over the course of several months back in 2005 and 2006. We received the information from our “Team”. They are a group of non-corporeal beings who communicate through a trance channel whom I have named Julie. Over the years, people have asked me if I know the names of our Team. Some have given us their names and you would recognize their names if I shared them. But, they are the first to say that any name is just a label and that all labels are limiting. I prefer to focus on the information they share. We have recorded and transcribed every session with them. Their messages have an energy that comes through the words even on a printed page. All the books that I have written about the Twelve Rays are filled with their direct quotes.

Tools for Spiritual Growth

The Twelve Rays are tools that come directly from Source, or All that Is, or God. I prefer to use the term Source. Feel free to swap my use of Source with a label that you feel comfortable with. After all, it is just a label. The Twelve Rays are all about connection. They help us to claim our Divine Heritage as children of God. They remind us of our connection to that part of our being that exists in other dimensions. They help us to break through the illusion of separation. The Rays are more than tools though and I will explain more about that as we go.

What you will learn in this overview is that the Twelve Rays have everyday practical applications. I consider them to be part of a new version of spirituality. A spirituality that is not restricted to a particular label like Christian, or Jewish, or Muslim, or Buddhist, etc. or a particular location like a church, a temple, or a mosque. This new spirituality is not something we do, but rather something that we are. The higher Rays, particularly Rays Eleven and Twelve open us to New Awareness. I believe this new spirituality is part of that New Awareness.

Twelve Rays Overview

The message from the Team has never been just about the Twelve Rays. Their message is that we are more than we think we are. Their intention is to correct distortions to their messages that have taken place over time. They remind us of who we really are and the tools that are there for us to use and command. For the last two years they have been teaching us about Metatron’s Cube and the Platonic solids. There is also an overview of that information that is available on my website at www.MichaelGLove.com.

I have included in this overview practical applications for each of the Twelve Rays that give you a sense of how the Rays can actively help you. If you would like to read more about the Twelve Rays and actually work with them, I have written a set of three practical application books that are available on Amazon. Each of these books has the specific practical uses for the Rays that are mentioned here, plus several other suggestions for practical uses. I have created guided journeys which I have recorded that allow you to simply follow along as you work with any particular Ray. You are encouraged to work with the Rays using your own creativity.

Once again, thanks for taking the time to read this overview. Now, let’s get started.

Twelve Rays Overview

Overview of the Twelve Rays

We first started receiving the information about the Rays in June of 2005. At that time, I was vaguely aware of the Seven Rays through the works of Alice Bailey and others. But to be truthful I could find no practical use for them. The information that I had read was elaborate to say the least and I could find no easy applications that warranted their use.

The fact that there were now Twelve Rays was new to me. At first, I wasn't so sure if the Twelve Rays that we were receiving information about included the Seven Rays that had been discussed by Alice Bailey. I asked for clarification and indeed was assured the Twelve Rays that we were discussing included the previous Seven Rays.

The information about the Rays was shared with us more or less one Ray at a time. This was done in order for us to have the time to process and integrate the information of each individual Ray. I'm glad that we received the information this way because it did take a while to blend with the energy of the individual Rays and to integrate the wisdom of the Rays into our consciousness.

Interestingly enough, it took several years to feel comfortable enough to assemble the information about the Twelve Rays into a book. That first book, The Reality of Your Greatness, was first published in 2018. That book is the story of my personal journey with the Team through the Twelve Rays. My intention with that first book was to get out as much information about the Rays as I could. And I wanted to provide a mechanism to help people connect with the energy of the Rays. I developed and taught live workshops with experiential meditations that helped people connect with the Rays. I also worked with a good friend of mine, Richard Shulman, to produce a two-disc CD of original music. The resulting CD, A New Awareness, contains twelve tracks on it, one for each of the Rays. All the music was composed and is performed by Richard. It is available on Amazon for purchase.

Twelve Rays Overview

As soon as this first book was published it became clear to me that there really weren't any practical applications in the book. I then began developing exercises for everyday practical uses for the Rays. The first workbook, entitled The Twelve Rays, contains practical applications and presents exercises for the first three Rays the Rays of Aspect. I decided to actually write two different books one from the perspective of a wellness practitioner who would be interested in helping to teach these techniques to their clients. The second book is written from the perspective of an individual who wants to learn the techniques for their own daily use.

I wrote a second book of practical applications, Create Your Life with Grace and Ease, for the next group of Rays, the Rays of Attributes which are often referred to as the Rays of Experience. This book is written from the perspective of an individual since it is about individual experience. The Rays of Experience help us to take control of our everyday experiences.

The third book of practical application, You Are More, is about the third group of Rays, the Rays of Soul Integration. These are the New Rays and they are an interesting group of Rays. They're interesting because the information that was given by the Team for most of these Rays is very sparse. However, the information given about the Tenth Ray is probably the most information that we received for any given Ray. The Eleventh and the Twelfth Rays have to do with the New Awareness and this term was left largely undefined by the team. I had purposely put off the writing of this third book until I felt confident that I had an understanding of what the team meant by the New Awareness.

For the past two years, we have been working with the team on a more regular basis. This has opened up many new concepts that have helped us to release old, limiting beliefs about who we are and why we are here. We have discussed many new and exciting topics such as Metatron’s cube and the Platonic solids. We have been introduced to concepts about the nature of the universe, the nature of energy, and consciousness itself. I believe that this is a good initial introduction to what I would call a New Awareness.

Twelve Rays Overview

The Rays of Aspect

The first, three Rays are referred to as the Rays of Aspect. What are they aspects of? They are aspects of the Creator. The First Ray is called Divine Will. The Second Ray is Love and Wisdom. The Third Ray is the Ray of Active Intelligence.

My definition of Divine Will is not that same as I learned growing up. I now understand Divine Will to mean that the Creator has given us the ability to also create. The Creator more or less got the ball rolling and then empowered us, its creations, to continue the process. I like to say that the Creator’s creations continue creating. This feels very empowering to me.

I know it is very hard to imagine that we are imbued with the same traits the Creator has. I mean just take a look around. But those traits are indeed inside us, and we do quite legitimately have the potential to create heaven on Earth. The key is being able to see the divinity in yourself first and then in everyone else.

The Second Ray is the Ray of Love and Wisdom. We are all blessed with the ability to love. Wisdom is a little bit trickier. It generally takes some time to develop wisdom.

The Third Ray is called Active Intelligence. The Law of Attraction is part of this Ray’s energy. Here is how they are connected. Consciousness exists throughout the universe. Energy has consciousness. This Ray helps us to use our minds to actively direct energy to such an extent that it manifests as matter. When we focus our intention on what we desire to manifest, this is where the Law of Attraction kicks in and enables our desires to manifest. Actively using the Third Ray intensifies the effect of our intentions.

It is important to note that these aspects are very similar to the three aspects of God that are described in the Christian Trinity. God the father is the Creator. The Son is the embodiment of love and wisdom. And the Holy Spirit is the energy of manifestation. The main difference is that we can draw these aspects of Source into our being. These are part of our Spiritual Heritage. And they are available to us in all the dimensions, not just here in this third dimension.

Twelve Rays Overview

The First Ray – Divine Will

We use the First Ray to consciously activate our will to create our own reality. Each of us establishes personal goals for ourselves. Very often these goals require change. You may want to change jobs, or start a new relationship, or move to a new location. Many individuals, on the other hand, try to preserve the status quo. It seems to me that some change is inevitable. We are all getting older, for example. The question is, do you wish to actively create change in your life or are you more comfortable in resisting change?

When we set goals for ourselves that require change, we may still encounter either conscious or subconscious resistance to change. A good practical application of the First Ray is to use it to uncover the source of our resistance to change.

Practical Applications

  1. Identifying Resistance to Change. Change is risky and many of us don’t like taking risks. When we pursue change, we are unsure of the outcome. We have an anticipation of how the change will affect us, but there really is no guarantee that our desired outcome will be the same as the actual outcome. Is it any wonder that we often ask ourselves if the change is worth the risk and decide to do nothing instead?

Let’s get to the source of the resistance. The resistance is coming from inside you. In order to find the root cause of the resistance then, it is necessary to journey within. One of the best ways to do that is through meditation. You will find the complete text to the recorded meditation in the first workbook, The Twelve Rays.

The Second Ray – Love and Wisdom

When we work with the Second Ray, we experience Divine Love. Love that comes directly from Source. This connection is part of our Divine Heritage as Children of God. We don’t need to have anyone intervening in between ourselves and Source. We don’t need to have a group of individuals who act as intermediaries between us and Source. This is part of that New Spirituality that I mentioned before. We have a direct connection to Source.

Twelve Rays Overview

There is more to the New Spirituality. The Team has stated that there is no judgment when we leave this third dimension. There is no such place as hell. So, it turns out that we are not all sinners and we don’t need a savior. How freeing are those realizations?

Practical Applications

  1. One of the best practical applications of the Second Ray, the Ray of Love and Wisdom, is using it to open your heart. Many of us have had life experiences that have been hurtful. These experiences, which often result in the loss of a relationship, very often motivate us to protect ourselves. We create defenses around us that are meant to protect us from further harmful experiences. Unfortunately, these defenses can also have a negative effect of restricting our ability to emotionally connect with others. In effect, we shut down our heart. We shut down our expression of love. Use the Second Ray to begin to soften those heart defenses.

The Third Ray – Active Intelligence

The Third Ray is the Ray of Active Intelligence. Of all the Rays, it is perhaps the most practical. I like to refer to it as the “get ‘er done Ray.” This Ray provides insights as to how you bring whatever you choose to create to fruition. It will help you understand the individual steps you need to take to get it done. I suggested that this Third Ray is used in conjunction with the First Ray. We use the First Ray to identify the source of the resistance to change or the source of the stress and then we use the Third Ray to create the plan and then execute the plan.

I have mentioned that the Law of Attraction is part of the Third Ray. Once the goal has been decided on and the plan is in place, then you can use the Third Ray’s Law of Attraction aspect to draw resources you need to you. I don’t intend to say here that there is only one way to work with the Law of Attraction. I believe this approach is just one of the ways to work with the Law. If you have a process that is different, and it works for you, then by all means stick to what you know works. If, however, you are open to trying something different, then see how this approach works for you.

Twelve Rays Overview

Within the framework of the New Spirituality, we see ourselves as creators of our own reality. This happens whether we are consciously creating our reality or not. The same is true of the Law of attraction. It operates whether we use it consciously or not. When we consciously create our own reality, we simply get more accurate results. As creators, we are able to direct energy in this dimension and all the others with our will. The energy responds to our directive thought. We create directives when we set goals and the more we hold our attention on those goals, the faster they will manifest for us.

Practical Applications

  1. Manifest what you desire. In order to realize what you desire, you need a plan to accomplish it. This is where the Third Ray comes in. Utilize the Third Ray to focus on your goals. Then hold your intention steady on manifesting that goal. The Third Ray will help you to identify the steps you need to take in order to be successful.
  2. The Third Ray will also actually help you to attract the resources that you need to manifest your goals. These resources can be material objects like money or employment opportunities, or even relationships. They can also be expertise in certain areas. If you need to build a new website, for example, you can use the Third Ray to find the right person to help you with that. The key here is that you must hold your intention firm. You must visualize it as already done. If this sounds like the Law of Attraction to you, you are correct. The Law of Attraction is part of the Third Ray.

Next Steps

When you are ready to work with the Rays of Aspect, I suggest that you acquire a copy of the workbook that I have specifically written to guide you through Rays One through Ray Three. The title of that workbook is, The Twelve Rays – Practical Applications. In it you will find specific guided exercises for the practical uses for the Rays of Aspect that I have outlined in this booklet.

Twelve Rays Overview

The Rays of Attributes

These Rays are often referred to as the Rays of Experience because they specifically help us on our journey through life in this physical dimension. Each individual has varying amounts of each one of these Rays. We come into our lifetime with intention. We create goals for ourselves based upon our life intentions. This is sometimes referred to as our soul’s purpose. We choose how we experience life based upon the likelihood of the experiences leading us to our goals. Think of these Rays as an artist’s palette. You apply the right amount of energy based upon the experience you are having.

Keep in mind that we come to this relative dimension in order to experience life here. It is through these life experiences that our souls, or whole-selves, experience growth. We take these experiences back with us when we leave this dimension and integrate them into our whole-selves, which is where all our experiences in all the dimensions are aggregated and integrated.

The Fourth Ray – Harmony Through Conflict

The Fourth Ray can be called Harmony Through Conflict. This physical dimension is often described as a reality of duality. Duality refers to opposites like hot and cold, light and dark, male and female, etc. It is almost impossible to avoid conflict in such an environment. We have the opportunity here on this world to experience the opposites and the area in between and then having gained that experience we can create a synthesis which is the combined thought or idea. So for example, when you have experienced hot and cold you have experienced temperature. When you combine the opposites and the areas in between, you get the total picture.

We can view our lives as journeys to discover certain personal truths and abilities. And we can use the Fourth Ray to help with our journey. And as we uncover these personal truths and develop new abilities, we integrate them into our total experiences of this lifetime, and that helps us create synthesis.

Twelve Rays Overview

Practical Applications

  1. A very practical application of the Fourth Ray is for those artists who are working on expressing themselves. It is for those individuals who use whatever form of artistry, be it writing, or painting, or physical movement like dance or even sports, to express their inner and outer conflicts. And as they find their personal expression, they move closer to synthesis.

The Fifth Ray – Concrete Knowledge

The Fifth Ray is known as the vibration and energy of Pure Intelligence, of Concrete Knowledge. The great scientists on our planet hold a great deal of this energy. The great concepts for our planet flow through this energy.

We all have our individual minds that are different from our brains. We can point to an area of the body, our head, and explain that the brain resides there. But where does our mind reside? Our mind is more than our brain. Our mind actually resides in each and every cell in our body. But our mind also exists outside of our body. And it is connected to an even larger mind. A mind so vast that it is beyond our understanding.

We are reminded of our connection to this larger mind to inspire us to raise up our vibration to a level when we once again feel the connection. We use the Fifth Ray to help us maintain this higher frequency level. This is a Ray for anyone with deep thoughts. This is a Ray for thinkers who understand that we are part of something much larger. The universe is a mental construct and we access it through this Ray.

This Ray also helps to balance individuals who are very grounded in their feelings and emotions. If you feel you have an abundance of the Fourth Ray energy, the Fourth Ray is also called the Emotional Ray, you can balance yourself by bringing in the energy of the Fifth Ray, which is also known as the Mental Ray.

Twelve Rays Overview

Practical Applications

1.This practical application is very straight forward. When you are feeling too grounded, when you feel yourself being controlled by your emotions, you can simply bring in this energy and surround yourself with it and let yourself reestablish your normal emotional/mental equilibrium. Use the energy to consider your circumstances and mentally find solutions to your current situation.

The Sixth Ray – Devotion and Idealism

The Sixth Ray is referred to as the Ray of Devotion and Idealism. The energy of the Sixth Ray is an energy that focuses. It helps you to focus on your goals and on your intentions. And when it is balanced, it is used very constructively to promote devotion and idealism. However, too much of this energy can cause extremism, compulsiveness, and even zealotry.

We all come into our lives with intention. If you are not clear on what your life’s goal are, then set that as your intention. Make it your intention to find out why you came here.

If you have already gained insight into your life’s purpose, then use the Sixth Ray to focus on your life’s goals. And as you gain clarity on your life’s purpose, you can use the Third Ray to achieve those goals.

I am actually writing this text on June 19th. This is a great example of the power of the Sixth Ray. There is a woman, Opal Lee, who has worked her entire life to create a national holiday commemorating the freeing of the slaves. This year, June 19th became a national holiday. Never forget what one individual is capable of. I’m pretty sure that she has no awareness of the Sixth Ray, but her life has been one of devotion to her goal. And she succeeded.

Twelve Rays Overview

Practical Applications

  1. Use this energy to focus on your intentions and to create your goals. Many individuals wonder why their lives are not different. They wonder why it is so difficult for them to manifest what their hearts desire. If you want to become a real estate broker, or a massage therapist, or a pilot, or perhaps a doctor or a lawyer, it is important to set that as your goal first. Then with your intention you can make choices like attending school and passing certification examinations that will lead to your successfully achieving those goals.

The Seventh Ray – Gateway to Awareness

The Seventh Ray has typically been known as the Ray of Ceremonial Order or Magic. It has also been known as the Violet Flame of Saint Germain.

I refer to the Seventh Ray as the Gateway into Awareness. This represents a major shift in understanding the Seventh Ray energy. It is an updated explanation of the Ray’s energy, and it helps us to better understand how to work with it.

The Seventh Ray is a violet colored energy and it is used to dissolve the weightiness of past experience and transmute that energy up into a higher vibration so that we might advance in our evolution of spirit.

We are looking to change any habituated patterns that have kept us struck in low level emotions. That is what the Fourth Ray is all about, changing old patterns and creating new habits that allow us to move forward and grow.

We used to think about the Violet Flame as an energy that incinerates lower-level emotions that are ready to be discarded. These days, the Seventh Ray can be used to transmute these lower-level energies into a lighter level and thereby lift them up so that we can move beyond them into a new understanding.

Twelve Rays Overview

Practical Applications

  1. Transmuting Past Experience. A great way to use the Seventh Ray is to visualize it above your head and invite it to move down through your body. As it slowly moves from the top of your head, release any old emotions from past experiences and allow the Seventh Ray to transmute them to higher level experience by shifting the lower-level emotions like pain and fear and guilt. Move this energy all the way through your body stopping where you feel there is energy to be transmuted. Then we will bring in the Eighth Ray to rebalance your energy.

Next Steps

When you are ready to work with the Rays of Attributes, I suggest that you acquire a copy of the workbook that I have specifically written to guide you through Rays Four through Ray Seven. The title of that workbook is, Create Your Life with Grace and Ease – Master the Rays of Experience. In it you will find specific guided exercises for the practical uses for the Rays of Attributes that I have outlined in this booklet.

Twelve Rays Overview

The Rays of Soul Integration

The Rays of Soul Integration offer a new opportunity to humanity. They offer the opportunity to move forward in our experience of this physical world. They offer the opportunity to elevate our human consciousness by allowing more of our soul level consciousness to be present here in this relative dimension.

The Rays of Soul Integration are new Rays and have only been available to us since about the second half of the 20th century. Before we question the timing of the availability of the Rays, let's talk a little bit about each one of these Rays and become familiar with them.

The first thing I'd like to point out about these Rays is that they are generally used in connection with another a Ray. The Seventh and Eighth Rays are generally used together as are the Ninth and Tenth Rays. And as you might imagine the Eleventh and Twelfth Rays also go together.

The Eighth Ray, the cleansing Ray is often used in combination with the Seventh Ray. The Seventh Ray, which is referred to as the Gateway into Awareness, is a Ray of change. You might have also heard of it referred to as the Violet Flame of St. Germain. We use this Ray to transmute lower level energy that is still with us and generally stored in the body to higher level energy. Once it is transmuted to this higher energetic level, it is generally free to be released from the body.

The Eighth Ray provides the finishing touches to the Seventh Ray change process by replenishing and rebalancing the energy in the body.

The Ninth Ray, Contact with the Soul Level, is used in conjunction with the Tenth Ray which is referred to as the Body of Light. These are not necessarily used in the same session together although they can be. We use the Ninth Ray to reconnect with our whole self. Remember, we were really never separated from our whole selves. The Ninth Ray also helps us to make contact with the Body of Light and once contact is made, we are ready to use the Tenth Ray.

Twelve Rays Overview

The Tenth Ray is the Body of Light. The Team defines the Body of Light as “that experience of self that you will utilize when you leave the Earth plane”. Since it is a higher vibrational energy, we must change our energetic level in order to bring it in to physical existence. When we anchor it into our physical body, it becomes a model for physical cells and this has never been possible before in human existence.

The Eleventh Ray, which is referred to as the Bridge to the New Awareness, is used to help us remove any remaining energetic obstacles that we may still be holding on to. You might think of it as a remnant remover. It helps to create that bridge to the New Awareness.

The Twelfth Ray is the New Awareness. The New Awareness is connection. It is awareness of connection in an environment of separation. We initially come to this relative world to experience ourselves under the illusion of separation. When we raise our personal energetic level high enough to be able to make contact not only with our whole selves but also with our Body of Light, we are ready to release the illusion of separation. We are ready to recognize that we are experiencing our life here in this dimension while simultaneously existing in another dimension.

When we raise our energetic levels to this level we expand our perspective and open ourselves to new awareness. We are able to experience life on this planet as never before. Are you not ready for such experiences?

The Eighth Ray – A Cleansing Ray

The Eight Ray is the first of the combination Rays. It is a violet and green Ray, a blend of the Fourth, the Seventh Ray, and the Fifth Ray.

I discussed earlier how the Seventh Ray “is used to dissolve the weightiness of past experience and transmute that energy up into a higher vibration so that you might advance in your evolution of spirit.” In a manner of speaking, when you transmute the energy of past experience, you are letting go of it as it was and allowing it to essentially die. And when you use the Eighth Ray in conjunction with the Seventh Ray, you move beyond that original experience to something new.

Twelve Rays Overview

With death comes new life. The Eighth Ray, the Cleansing Ray, is your allowance of death to those things, those conditions that you no longer find necessary to hold and from that, from those ashes, this Eighth Ray, raises up, much like the Phoenix Rising, and it takes what no longer serves and from those ashes transforms and lifts and clears and creates new, new life. 

What do you wish to create in your life? As you continue to decide what energies you no longer need to carry with you, you create the opportunity to create at a level that was not available to you before. Keep in mind that we are talking about transmuting the fear, or anger, or guilt and so on, that you have associated with these past experiences and replacing it with love. We are all able to achieve this.

When you take time to contemplate what you consciously choose to create in your life, you provide clarity to what you desire.  When you release any habituated pattern such as low self-esteem, or insecurity, or fear of abandonment, or one of the many others that we are all prone to carry with us, it is necessary to replace it with a new choice, a new path to creating what you want your life to look like.

When you work with the Seventh Ray and the Eighth Ray together you decide which patterns need to be released and then you can focus on what you are now able to create having released those prior limits that you have carried. Use the Eighth Ray to get clarity on what you now wish to create and work with both these Rays to advance the evolution of your spirit here in this dimension.

Practical Applications

1. Cleansing and Replenishing – Use the Eighth Ray as indicated above in conjunction with the Seventh Ray. After you are done transmuting the lower level emotional energies that you have been carrying, bring in the Eighth Ray to rinse away any remaining residue and replace it with fresh, new energy. Replenish yourself with the energy of this Ray.

Twelve Rays Overview

The Ninth Ray – Contact with the Soul Level

The Ninth Ray is all about connection, connection to our own individual consciousness that resides beyond this dimension. This can be a daunting proposition and is why we took time in the preceding section to consider the beliefs that we hold about ourselves. I asked you to believe that you are more than you think you are. I asked you to consider your mind as being more that you think it is. I challenged you to believe that you are more than you think you are. Hopefully, the concept of existing in two different dimensions simultaneously is exciting to you. With this Ray, this Ninth Ray, we're going to move forward and actively seek connection with our higher-level consciousness.

The Ninth Ray is a luminescent light blue and green energy and while the colors may not reflect the energy as you would imagine it to be, the energy that flows through this Ninth Ray is a blend of the First and Second Rays. The Ninth Ray is used to loosen the ties with the physical plane and establish contact with the Soul Level.

Practical Applications

  1. We want to use the Ninth Ray to help us loosen our ties to the physical plane and establish contact with the Soul level. As long as we think of our personal identity as being totally physical, we will have trouble conceptualizing our Soul level consciousness as part of who we really are. So, we use this Ninth Ray to loosen our definition of who we are. We no longer think of ourselves as only being inhabitants of this physical plane and embrace this additional awareness of existing in a less dense dimension. We are actually redefining our personal identity with this Ray.

The Tenth Ray – The Body of Light

The opportunity that the Tenth Ray offers is to bring more of our soul level consciousness into this relative environment. The benefit in doing this is increased awareness of our reality. When we bring more of our soul level consciousness into this physical dimension, we raise our energetic level and as we raise our energetic level new awareness is available to us. I will talk more about this New Awareness when we discuss the Eleventh and the Twelfth Rays.

Twelve Rays Overview

If you have worked through the Twelve Rays one Ray at a time, which was the manner in which they were given to us initially, you have actually been increasing your energetic level as you progressed. The Tenth Ray doesn't happen to you. It is an energetic level that must be achieved and one of the best ways to achieve that energetic level is by working with the lower Rays. That, of course, is not the only way to reach that energetic level. It is the path that the Team has shared with us.

The Tenth Ray is referred to as the Body of Light. In the introduction, I mentioned that the higher Rays are all about connection. Connection with our Body of Light is the goal of working with the Tenth Ray. I actually should rephrase that last statement a little bit. Acknowledging our connection with our Body of Light is the goal of the Tenth Ray. We always have the Body of Light and we are always connected to it, but in this dimension most of us are not aware of it. We used the Ninth Ray to create an awareness of our Body of Light. When we use the Tenth Ray, we embrace our Body of Light and begin to bring it into this physical dimension. When we do this, we open up potential.

The Body of Light is the form we take when we leave this earthy dimension. So, it should be apparent that it doesn’t have the same level of energetic density as our physical body. It is less dense. The process of bringing it into this dimension and anchoring it into the physical body is not something that is going to happen overnight. My understanding of the process is that it will vary depending on each individual. I also believe it is a process that will take place over multiple incarnations. I have no idea of how much elapsed time in terms of earth years we are talking about here. It could take ten years, although I think it will be longer than that. It might take a hundred, or two hundred, or five hundred, or even longer. No one can say with certainty because is it dependent on individual free will. The good news is that we will benefit from it as soon as we embrace it.

Twelve Rays Overview

Practical Applications

  1. The Tenth Ray is used to help you begin to anchor your Body of Light into your current physical body. It is analogous to going to your cell phone store and upgrading to the new 5G technology. You upgrade your phone (vessel) as well as the network (Spiritual Microtron) at the same time. The good news is that there are no contracts to sign and the upgrade is free. When you have raised your personal energetic level high enough to begin to anchor your Body of Light into your physical body, use the Tenth Ray.

The Eleventh Ray – The Bridge to the New Awareness

The Eleventh Ray is referred to as the Bridge to New Awareness. If you read my book, “The Reality of Your Greatness”, you worked with one of my favorite guided journeys which I refer to as the Bridge Meditation. I've been using the metaphor of a bridge for years and I find it to be quite effective. Consider for a moment what a bridge represents. It is a structure that connects you from one place to another. Often a bridge is built across water and metaphorically water often represents our emotions.

When we use the Eleventh Ray, we're not creating a bridge over water. We are bridging over states of awareness. Physical bridges allow us to bypass physical obstacles like water. Likewise, the Eleventh Ray can help us to bypass obstacles that are preventing us from reaching a New Awareness. The obstacles I'm talking about are likely to be beliefs that we are still holding on to. They could be habituated patterns that we use as coping strategies. They could be emotional blockages that we have stored in our physical body.

A good way to work with these obstacles to a New Awareness is by using the Seventh and Eight Rays. Now that we've arrived at the higher Rays and have worked with the Tenth Ray and begun to anchor in the Body of Light, we can use the Eleventh Ray to remove any remaining remnants that are actively blocking our access to our New Awareness.

Twelve Rays Overview

When you work with the Tenth Ray, you may feel areas of imbalance within your physical body. If you did notice any discomfort or any imbalance within your physical body while you were working with the Tenth Ray, I hope that you noted where it was and the feeling that you had associated with it. These are the remnants that we can use the Eleventh Ray to help remove.

Practical Applications

  1. Use the Eleventh Ray to help you to remove any remaining remnants that limit your understanding of who you are and why you are here. Use it to release any fear of what lies ahead. Prepare yourself to open to your New Awareness.

The Twelfth Ray – The New Awareness

The Twelfth Ray is a combination of all the Rays. It opens us up to a new way of being. It has been a long journey through the previous eleven Rays. We have embraced our Divine Heritage and assumed our rightful identity as creators of our own reality. We have learned to use the Rays of Experience in our daily lives to help us have the experiences that we planned for ourselves before we entered this lifetime. Then we connected with our whole-selves and remembered our identities as entities who are simultaneously having experiences in different dimensions. We took this memory and used it to open the doorway to a New Awareness of who we are and why we are here.

We have arrived at the Twelfth Ray, the New Awareness. I believe that New Awareness to be unique for everyone. While we all have shared concepts and beliefs, the way in which we integrate them into our personal awareness and consciousness will create a very individual outcome. Your New Awareness is the goal that has been your motivation for this wonderful personal journey that has led you here. As you step through this gateway into your New Awareness, you feel the excitement of a new journey.

Twelve Rays Overview

Practical Applications

  1. Use the Twelfth Ray to help you move through the doorway that leads to your New Awareness. It can be a long journey to arrive at this place. We have released limiting beliefs about yourself and this relative environment. You have transmuted energy for past experiences. You have remembered and connected with your higher level of consciousness. You have activated your physical body by anchoring your Body of Light to it. All of this has prepared you to step into your New Awareness.

Next Steps

When you are ready to work with the Rays of Soul Integration, I suggest that you acquire a copy of the workbook that I have specifically written to guide you through Rays Eight through Ray Twelve. The title of that workbook is, You Are More – Using the Rays of Soul Integration to Break Through to New Awareness. In it you will find specific guided exercises for the practical uses for the Rays of Soul Integration that I have outlined in this booklet.

Twelve Rays Overview

Wrapping Up

This has been a very concise overview of the Twelve Rays. I like to think of life in this relative dimension as a journey. We all set out to reach various destinations. It is very helpful to have tools to help us as we make our way through life. These tools help us to resolve the obstacles that we encounter along the way. There are many different sets of tools. The Twelve Rays are one of the many sets of tools that are available to everyone. Surprisingly, most people are unaware of them. These Rays emanate from Source. We all receive varying amounts of them and thereby benefit from them whether we are aware of them or not. Becoming aware of the Rays and using them with intention greatly enhances their benefit. They are a Divinely inspired set of tools. How you use them and when you use them is of course your choice.

The Twelve Rays Overview

"Coming into this relative world in this physical body, you were a cup of energy with boundaries that you set as you entered this world. It is time to overflow the glass and expand your boundaries and understand what fills that cup and how it can exist beyond the boundaries that were set when you moved into this environment." 

"Your world is changing....your world is at a critical point. These energies are offfered as our wisdom is offered to you, for you to draw that part which serves you into your beingness, to create as never before, to rise, to shine, to transcend your limits, to heal yourself. Are you not ready?"