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KP Counseling | Online Therapy

Hello & Welcome! 

KP Counseling LLC is a private therapy practice offering online therapy to adults & adolescents in Minnesota, Florida, & Vermont. I specialize in working with clients with ADHD, mood disorders, & trauma related disorders..

. I am incredibly passionate about mental health and have a deep understanding of the immense impact it can have on one's daily functioning and quality of life.  

My goal is, not only, to provide a service, but to ALSO be a source of support & trust. Struggling with mental health can feel incredibly isolating, scary, & confusing. I get it! Therefore, I strive to collaborate WITH clients to create a comprehensive & personalized treatment plan that is unique to each individual. Using a combination of evidence-based therapy models & coping techniques, we will work together to find what works best for YOU!

Additionally, I cannot stress the importance of working on techniques & coping skills discussed in session. Therapy is, not only, a financial and time investment, but a personal investment to yourself-to focus on becoming an emotionally and mentally healthier version of YOU. This takes time, effort, focus, and practice! 

To assist with this, you will also have access to a wide variety of digital content to further support, educate, and encourage you to actively practice skills when not in session. 

Virtual sessions from the comfort of your own home!

Save time & greater control over your schedule with online self booking

​​Digital resources for clients to work on skills and techniques discussed in session. 

​Provider has 15+ years experience working with clients of all ages & backgrounds.

Specializing in ADHD, mood disrorders, and trauma informed practices

​Serving adults & adolescents (ages 13+) in Minnesota, Florida, & Vermont.

Flexible hours, wide range of session times in the morning, afternoon, & evening.


KP Counseling | Online Therapy

"I hope to serve as a source of support & hope to those feeling discouraged, isolated, and alone in their mental health struggles"

Adults & adolescents

Provider is licensed and able to provide services to individuals in Minnesota, Florida, & Vermont

Typical client concerns include mood swings, anxiousness, depression, daily life management difficulties, reduced motivation, difficulty with focus, reduced productivity, executive functioning difficulties due to ADHD/neurodivergence, relational difficulties, childhood and/or family dysfunction & relationship strain, and overall difficulty managing daily life stressors without reduced quality of life. 

attachment related disorders
mood disorders

What types of clients do we serve?  


KP Counseling | Online Therapy


At KP Counseling, approaches I frequently utilize are listed below. I believe it is important to understand the reasons behind our behaviors, self-defeating beliefs, core beliefs, and emotional responses.. How we experience life starting in childhood has a deep impact on how most people view and respond to the world around them. Therefore, I seek to "dig deep" into those past experiences and figure out what core beliefs and/or self-defeating ideas are causing difficulty in life  and/or relationships in the present day. 

From there, we will explore thought patterns, attachment patterns, relationships, emotional responses and tendencies to which we will use cognitive behavioral therapy to reframe anxious, self-defeating beliefs. 
Additionally, mindfulness skills and practices can be incredibly effective with managing intense emotions, self-soothing, and strengthening ones ability to refocus on the present moment (versus worrying about the past or future). 

Therapy is a form of treatment that aims to help individuals cope with and overcome mental health challenges, emotional difficulties, and behavioral problems. There are several therapy approaches, each with its own unique techniques and methods. 
Each therapist is different in what approaches/methods are utilized based on experience, specialties, and educational background. 

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT): CBT is a type of therapy that focuses on changing negative thought patterns and behaviors, and replacing them with more positive and adaptive ones.
Psychodynamic Therapy: Psychodynamic therapy is a type of therapy that explores how past experiences and unconscious thoughts and feelings may be affecting a person's current behavior and emotions.
Humanistic Therapy: Humanistic therapy is a type of therapy that focuses on personal growth and self-awareness, and seeks to help individuals reach their full potential.
Mindfulness-Based Therapy: Mindfulness-based therapy is a type of therapy that incorporates mindfulness practices, such as meditation and breathing exercises, to help individuals reduce stress and anxiety, and increase self-awareness.

 It's important to note that there are many different types of therapy approaches, and what works best for one person may not work for another. The most important thing is to find a therapist who you feel comfortable with and who can provide the support and guidance that you need.

KP Counseling | Online Therapy

What to expect at a session? 

We will meet via video chat. I will provide you with a link once the date/time for session is established. 
I use a platform called Simple Practice which is HIPPA compliant. 

Sessions are approximately 45-55 minutes long so I typically recommend setting aside one hour. 

If clients would prefer telephone conversations, I am willing to accommodate this. Telephone sessions have shown no negative impact on outcomes; however, I do require that the initial consultation/diagnosis assessment takes place per video chat so I can meet you in-person and properly assess your needs. 

Regardless of which method feels most comfortable, I highly encourage all clients to attend sessions in a location that it is free from distractions, feels safe, comfortable, and is confidential. 

Being present at session and actively involved will ensure the best, most effective results and remaining engaged can be difficult if there is a lot of external noise and stimulation. 

Sessions are conversational and typically based on a psychodynamic approach (a type of therapy that explores how past experiences and unconscious thoughts and feelings may be affecting a person's current behavior and emotions.). What this means is that I will engage in discussion equally by providing feedback and pointing out areas of which self-defeating beliefs, past experiences, and social relationships might impact perception, emotions, and thought patterns. 

We will then explore how to address and restructure thought patterns to improve mood and reduce emotional suffering. We will explore perceptions and self-defeating beliefs that may be negatively impacting current relationships, as well as how family patterns and cultural expectations influence how we see ourselves in relation to others and the world around us. 

KP Counseling | Online Therapy

service fees

      (based on standard fees & insurance reimbursement)


IINDIVIDUAL SESSION: $120 - 45-55 minutes

PACKAGE OPTION: commit to 8 sessions & services will be billed at $100/session + diagnostic assessment = Total investment= $1000 for 2-3 months treatment

All clients will complete an initial intake which will be the first session (or two sessions if you choose to split them into 2x 45 minutes). 

A diagnostic assessment is a process that mental health professionals use to better understand a person's mental health concerns and diagnose any underlying conditions that may be contributing to their symptoms. During a diagnostic assessment, the therapist will typically ask a series of questions about the person's symptoms, medical history, and personal life. They may also use various assessment tools, such as questionnaires or psychological tests, to help diagnose specific mental health conditions. The purpose of a diagnostic assessment is to help the therapist develop a better understanding of the client's concerns and develop an effective treatment plan. By accurately diagnosing any underlying mental health conditions, the therapist can create a targeted approach that addresses the client's specific needs and goals. It is important to note that a diagnosis is not a label, and it does not define who a person is. Rather, it is a tool that mental health professionals use to help guide treatment and support individuals in achieving their mental health goals.


Clients will still be required to complete an initial intake/diagnosis assessment which is billed at $200/90 minutes. 

Clients that commit to 8 sessions will receive priority in scheduling & a reduced rate for sessions. Payment per session (at $100/session) needs to be paid in full before additional sessions take place. 

I do not require clients to attend a minimum number of sessions and/or require consistent scheduling. Therapy is an individual process of which clients NEED to WANT consistent therapy for it to be most effective .However, statistically the average time frame clients attend therapy and show improvement is 8-12 weeks which is about 2-3 months of consistently, weekly, therapy. 

KP Counseling | Online Therapy

8 sessions x $100/session = $800 investment (vs. $960 at $120/session) + Intake/diagnostic assessment = $1000 investment for Intake + 8 sessions
*(This is not applicable to clients using insurance benefits for payment & does not change services received)

Clients are required to keep a credit card on file to book their first session. 
If sessions are not cancelled within 24-hours clients are subject to a $60 fee as those session times could be given to another client. 

billing & payment(s)

Your mental health is worth the investment!

Therapy can provide a range of short-term and long-term benefits that can lead to greater overall well-being and a more fulfilling life. Benefits include, but are not limited to symptom relief, increased self-awareness, improved coping skills, problem solving abilities, improved relationships, increased resilience, greater emotional regulation, and enhanced self esteem. 

I accept insurance (listed below) & will continue to add more companies to this list as my credentialing is processed. If you are not using insurance benefits, fees for services are considered out-of-pocket.. Clients are expected to pay co-pays and out of pocket costs follow service completion. 

if clients choose to submit their invoices to insurance, independently, I will provide a "superbill" which can be submitted to insurance in seeking reimbursement. This can be provided following each session or I can provide a monthly superbill, as needed. 

I use a system called IVYPAY which is how payments are processed. This system was created for therapists and is HIPPA compliant. 

You will receive an invoice for services received within 24-hours of service completion. 
All balances must be paid, in FULL before any further sessions will be scheduled. 
I highly encourage clients to enroll in auto-pay and/or keep a credit card on file. 

If finances are a concern, please discuss with me to see what resources I may be able to provide. The main goal is to get you the care you need. I do have sliding scale options available for out-of-pocket paid services. 

KP Counseling | Online Therapy


I partner with several different companies which allow me to get credentialed under various insurance companies. The insurance plans I can currently accept are listed below & will be updated as I continue to become credentialed under additional plans. 

I highly recommend you check with your insurance company prior to attending sessions so you are aware of upfront costs. 

Oxford Health Plans 
UMR Oscar 
UHC Student 
All Savers 
UHC Harvard Pilgrim
  Meritain Nippon

Good Faith Estimate

A Good Faith Estimate (GFE) for therapy is a written document that outlines the estimated costs of therapy services. 
It provides transparency and clarity to clients regarding the fees they can expect to pay for therapy sessions. 

A GFE typically includes information about the therapist's hourly rate, the length and frequency of therapy sessions, and any additional costs, such as fees for missed appointments or late cancellations. 
It may also include information about insurance coverage or payment plans, if applicable.

 A GFE is an important tool for clients to make informed decisions about their therapy services and to budget for therapy costs. It can also help clients avoid unexpected fees or financial surprises. 

It is important to note that a GFE is an estimate and not a guarantee of costs. Actual therapy fees may vary depending on the individual's specific treatment needs and the length of therapy. 

Clients should also check with their insurance provider to confirm coverage and any out-of-pocket costs.

​ ​United Healthcare Shared Services               
Allied Benefit Systems - Aetna 
Surest (Formerly Bind) 
Health Plans Inc. 
Global Christian Brothers Services - Aetna 
Trustmark Health Benefits - Aetna 
Trustmark Health Benefits - Cigna 
Trustmark Small Business Benefits - Aetna 
Health Scope - Aetna

KP Counseling | Online Therapy

Experience & Education

residential treatment for adolescents

juvenile detention-adolescents/minors

 non-profit shelter for families facing homelessness

therapy-in-person & telehealth

medical social work

case management - adults with disabilities

in-patient psychiatric hospital for children & adolescents

emotional support animal assessor


Vermont # 089.0135126TELE

Florida SW214829

LICSW Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker
Minnesota #22072

short-term rehab & long-term care-geriatric

KP Counseling | Online Therapy

Thoughts from the therapist...

It can be intimidating to look for a therapist, particularly when already in a state of chronic distress. Having a positive dynamic and building a sense of trust with a provider is key.

I would encourage anyone looking for a therapist to spend some time reflecting on what they hope to gain out of therapy and, as best able, identifying particular areas that seem to cause difficulty in daily life functioning and/or causing reduced quality of life. ​

I understand that therapy can be a costly investment. Therefore, I believe that setting up clients for success is as important as the therapy itself. ​

Here are some suggestions for gaining the most out of your therapy journey. ​

Attend therapy regularly and consistently.

Take notes at your sessions & reflect on them.

Make an active effort to implement coping skills & habits into your everyday routine. 

Do your best to avoid distractions when attending sessions & refrain from using the phone, driving, and/or completing other tasks that will limit your attention and focus.

As a therapist, I am here to educate, teach, guide, and support clients in their journey towards improved mental health. 

The REAL work comes from YOU!

                                  ~All my best, Kara