The Art And Science Of Customer Facing Copywriting (An Unbelievably Innovative Way Of Writing Social Media Copy In 2023) – Robert Proctor CEO Engage Content Marketing

Have you ever had someone – talk at you?

You probably felt they were – before you knew – they were.

Talking at someone is someone talking to you without listening to what you have to say in reply.

A lot of copy that you read – talks that way – not out loud but in your head.

You’ll hear them when you see a lot of “we” phrases in the copy.


Such as: “We are this…” or “We are that…” or “We do this…” or “We do that…” etc.

And there is little mention of “You” in that type of copy – with the exception of when they tell “You” to contact “Us” (just another form of “We”) at the end of their message.


There is a far better approach to writing text that resonates with the reader.

The better approach to writing copy – is to write in a manner that “Talks With” the reader.

To talk with someone is to have a meaningful conversation between two people.

In this case: the copywriter and the reader.

That type of copy is easy to spot because as you read it – you get the feeling that the copywriter – is talking with you throughout the copy.


It looks like this…

“You this…” or “You that…” or “You will…” or “You can”

That’s the way is should be done, shouldn’t it?

At Engage Content Marketing, we think so, too.


We believe the best way to communicate with our client’s readers is to include them in the conversation which helps them see themselves in the big picture (owning your product or using your service).

The Art and Science of Customer-Facing Copywriting

We do that by writing copy that:

1. Puts your customer first

In our copy we find it useful to use the word “you” throughout the copy to address the reader directly.

Because when you address your text to a specific individual, you create a sense of intimacy – they feel as if they’re a part of the discussion, the only person in the entire world to whom you’re speaking.

Take a look at your existing copy and look at some of your competitors at how many times you’ve used the term “you” vs. “we,” “us,” or “I.”


If the balance isn’t solidly in your customer’s favor, (80/20 rule applies here) you will clearly see with a change in the way you communicate how you will easily outdo your competition.

2. Sets the right tone to build instant rapport

Using the language your consumers speak first involves understanding who those customers are. You’ll struggle if you don’t have this down pat.

Getting crystal clear on your ideal client doesn’t imply you won’t attract someone who isn’t this precise person; it just makes writing content that strikes the target that much simpler.

3. Focuses on solving the readers problems

You’ll learn about your audience’s pain spots once you’ve gotten to know them. Think about the problems you address rather than the services or products you provide.

To truly recognize the emotions involved, go beyond the apparent. What keeps your client up at night?


When you focus on the emotional aspect, your reader will feel seen, heard, and understood.

4. Addresses the readers concerns and the things that cause them to worry

Your customers will have objections – barriers that prevent them from immediately signing up for your fabulous offering.

There is an old saying: Objections are how your customer asks for more information before they can make their final decision.

Confidently acknowledging and addressing their objection shows your reader a) you get it and b) they don’t need to worry.

5. Supports your claims to the reader with Social Proof

It’s simple to disregard a firm that sings its own praises, but it’s far more difficult to deny the opinions of other satisfied consumers.


Use testimonials to back up your claims, and provide enough information for the reader to recognize themselves in your prior clientele.

Case studies are an excellent method to use also because they appeal to your audience, solve their concerns, and share your triumphs all at the same time.

6. Guides the reader to becoming a buyer with an empowering call to action

Too many sales opportunities are missed because the sales encounter ends without closure. 

That is why we always make sure we finish everything we write with a clear call to action that guides your reader to do something – about what they just read.

And everybody knows – a message ending with a strong call to action is one that your reader will find difficult to ignore, wouldn’t you agree?




How often do you post sales messages on your social media platforms (Facebook, Instragram, Twitter, etc)?

According to Later.com, in order to be relevant and noticed on your social media fronts you should post content 8-12 times per month. And post stories at least 20 times a month – on each platform.

Who has time to do that, right?

Some do – some don’t. And if you don’t….

I understand how you feel. You are not alone – because many of our clients have felt the same way.

And they hired us because they found out that we could helped them stay relevant and noticed.


The fact is we specialize in creating social media content copy for small businesses (startup or growth stage)  – from A-Z to help you reach more customers…

While you continued to do what you do best…

like running your business and watching it grow and grow and grow!!!

What that means to you is – you will have more time to do other things that grow your business.

And what that really means to you is: you will have a social media partner called Engage Content Marketing helping you grow your business so you can make more money.

And you do want to make more money, don’t you?

Then would it be okay if I helped your business connect with your customers so you can GO VIRAL?


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