The Millionaire Business Accelerator: 4-Day Intensive 

Unlock the Gateway to Rapidly Building and Scaling Your Business

Dive deep into a comprehensive, action-packed 4-day journey designed to catapult your business and entrepreneurial aspirations into the stratosphere. The Millionaire Business Accelerator is meticulously crafted to arm you with the tools, strategies, and insights needed to design a scalable million-dollar business model that aligns with your soul's purpose.

"Unlock your epic future with the Millionaire Business Accelerator—where dreams meet tangible success in just four days."

Discover the best entrepreneurial venture for you that causes your business to be an expression of your souls purpose

From conceptualizing your business model and branding to authoring your best-selling book, this program is your ticket to turning dreams into tangible, lucrative realities.

Enter the market with your entrepreneurial venture in ways that maximize your chances for success

Build your business concept with maximum certainty through inspirational analysis and modeling

Brand your business so that it fits like a glove

Create your business model to maximize value created and revenue generated

Create your branded best selling book concept


Learn how to grow your business with lightning like speed through the right relationships

And much much more!

Don't Let This Opportunity Pass

Elevate Your Entrepreneurial Journey to New Heights

Continuous Growth Beyond Traditional Boundaries

Forget the notion of a "final" session—our Millionaire Business Accelerator Live is an ever-evolving pathway to mastery.

"From concept to reality: Craft your million-dollar business model and author your success story with our comprehensive 4-day training."

Designed for ambitious entrepreneurs and visionary business owners, this four-day intensive course propels you into a future where your business not only scales but thrives and resonates with your deepest aspirations.

Who Will Benefit?

"Spaces are limited, but your potential is infinite. Enroll now in the Millionaire Business Accelerator and transform your business, transform your life."

Join Our Epic Live 4-Day Session With Chris Howard!


Don't miss this unique opportunity to learn, grow, and network with the Millionaire Business Accelerator Live. 

This four-day intensive course is your gateway to not just scaling your business but transforming your entrepreneurial vision into a palpable, profitable reality.

Why Millionaire Business Accelerator?

Empowerment through Knowledge: 

Ideal for gifting, this program empowers you, your loved ones, or business associates with the gift of a groundbreaking business structure and exponential growth.

Comprehensive Curriculum: 

Dive deep into a meticulously crafted, action-packed journey over four days, designed to catapult your business and entrepreneurial aspirations into the stratosphere.

From Concept to Reality: 

Learn to design a scalable million-dollar business model that resonates deeply with your soul's purpose, turning your dreams into lucrative realities.

"Elevate your entrepreneurial journey beyond boundaries with our bespoke 3-month plan for lightning-speed business growth."

What You Will Discover


Soulful Business Discovery:

Find the best business avenue that serves as an expression of your soul's purpose, ensuring fulfillment and success.

Market Entry Maximization:

Learn strategies to enter the market with your entrepreneurial venture, maximizing your chances for success from the get-go.

Business Concept & Branding:

Build your business concept with maximum certainty through inspirational analysis and modeling, and brand your business to fit like a glove.

Revenue-Generating Models:

Create a business model designed to maximize value creation and revenue generation, ensuring a sustainable and profitable venture.

Best-Selling Book Creation:

Conceptualize and create your branded best-selling book, establishing you as an authority in your field.

Growth & Networking: 

Discover how to accelerate your business's growth with lightning-like speed through forging the right relationships and leveraging network dynamics.


And Much Much More!

"This is Amazing!  Chris is the only one to combine Ai training with his phenomenal Neuro-hypnotic Transformation approaches uniquely developed by him over 25 years! The technical Ai is skeletal,,not full bodied, without Chris' prompt optimization.  Chris' Ai course is applicable to everything from personal growth and self-actualization to coaching and training, as well as business and finance. And, last but not least for creativity!  I love it!"  - Linda Bassist

The Millionaire Business Accelerator offers a plethora of tools, strategies, and insights crucial for any aspiring or established entrepreneur looking to scale.

Unlock the Epic Life Experience

Participation in the Millionaire Business Accelerator of Epic Life offers you exclusive access to our cutting-edge suite of business GPTs, each tailored to address key aspects of entrepreneurial success.


"Harness GPT Power: Utilize Epic Life GPTs to revolutionize every aspect of your business."

It’s simple: Think of this part as like having 10 Chris Howard’s with 30 years experience building your business for you at once while Chris leads them all personally for YOU!


Your Roadmap to Rapid Success

Our post-training package includes a 3-month actionable plan, meticulously designed to compress decades of business strategy, innovation, and operational insights into days. This plan empowers you to:

"Why settle for incremental growth when you can compress decades of learning into days? The Millionaire Business Accelerator awaits."

Join Us for Transformational Change

The Millionaire Business Accelerator Live is more than just a program—it's a transformational journey. It's where ambitious entrepreneurs and visionary leaders come together to redefine the future of business.

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Secure your spot in this life-changing program and take the first step towards a future where your business dreams are not just possible—they're inevitable.

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- Malcolm Gibson

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"Your epic future awaits. Are you ready to embrace it with the Millionaire Business Accelerator Live?"


This is your moment to redefine the boundaries of your business and entrepreneurial journey. 

The Millionaire Business Accelerator Live is not just a program; it's a transformative experience that promises not only growth but a comprehensive understanding and application of what it truly takes to scale a business in today's fast-paced world.

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Remember, spaces are limited. Secure your spot in the Epic live session of the Millionaire Business Accelerator and take the first step towards a future where your business dreams become your reality.

The Millionaire Business Accelerator

Embrace the pinnacle of entrepreneurial transformation with the Millionaire Business Accelerator, a meticulously designed journey that compresses decades of business mastery into four exhilarating days. This is your exclusive invitation to unlock unprecedented growth, innovation, and success, guided by the revolutionary power of business GPTs and the collective wisdom of industry leaders. Step beyond the boundaries of conventional growth, discover your business's true potential, and emerge with a strategic blueprint tailored for immediate implementation. Don't let this transformative opportunity pass—join us and accelerate your journey towards becoming the visionary leader your business needs. Secure your spot now and transform your entrepreneurial dreams into your reality. For enrollment and more information, visit Your epic future in business begins with the Millionaire Business Accelerator.

About Chris Howard:
Chris Howard is not just a trailblazer in the field of transformation; with 27 years in the field he's a proven leader whose work has reached every corner of the globe, enhancing the quality of life for millions. With over $100 million in sales from his seminars and coaching programs worldwide, Chris has established himself as a titan of change. As the visionary founder of what was the largest NLP training company globally for a ten year period and the author of two best-selling books on modeling the Billionaire Mind, his unparalleled expertise and innovative methods have set a new standard in personal development.