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Thank You For Your Interest In Outlaw MMA

Welcome to the exciting world of Mixed Martial Arts in this guide you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions

What Do I Need To Wear?

Anything Comfortable that will allow you to train. i.e. Joggers/shorts and a T-Shirt
 (Nothing With Zips or Pockets)

Outlaw MMA

What Do I Need To Bring ?

Please Bring

Outlaw MMA

What Happens When I Arrive?

Please try and arrive 10 minutes before your session is due to start,We understand that the hardest part of starting at the Gym is to walk through the Blue Door, once you do you will be met by one of the guys, who will show you where the changing rooms and toilets are. And introduce you to the group you will be training with.

Outlaw MMA

What Will Happen In My 1st Session?

Once you have changed, you will be taken onto the mats and this is where the fun starts.
You will do a 10 minute warm (usually skipping we have plenty of ropes so dont worry) At Outlaw MMA we train rounds, as a beginner you will be training using 2 minute rounds. Do not try and keep up with others work at your own pace.
We will then move onto the main topic of the session, once again this will be done using rounds. This could be pad work,Bag work or partner work. You will be training with someone who will help you and encourage you to push yourself.
Once we have trained for 50 minutes or so we will then spend 10 minutes working conditioning routines (Once again work at your pace)

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Will I Be Sparring

In short the answer is NO. Sparring is an advanced skill and takes time to achieve. No one is ever forced to spar and we hold seperate sparring session

Outlaw MMA

What Happens After My Sessions?

When you have finished your sessions you will know if MMA is for you or not.
If it isnt no pressure will be put on you to join the gym, we will shake hands and leave as friends. If after your session you decide MMA is something you are interested in then we will explain how you can join. The proccess is very simple, just filling in a form, all training fees are by Direct Debit and there is a licence fee.. Please Note after your Session membership is not guaranteed.

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How Many Times A Week Can I Train

We recommend training twice a week at the Foundation Level,but if you really want to push yourself you can train every day.

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If I Decide I Want To Trian At Outlaw What Equipment Will I Need?

Here is a list of Equipment you will need to buy

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Is There A Path Of Progression?

The simple answer is Yes.
We have 3 groups training Foundation-Intermediate-Advanced and should you wish you can progress through the structure, this will need to be discussed with your coach.

Outlaw MMA

Is There A Grading Syllabus?

At Outlaw we do use a grading system for those who want to progress, it is a 9 level curriculum that can result in the coveted Black Belt. Please Note it is not compulsary but is open to anyone who wishes to have a defined path of progression.

Outlaw MMA

Rules Of The Gym

Outlaw MMA


Once you join the Gym you will be given a card with the link to your video course. This video course covers the basics of MMA and comes with a manual that explains everything. The course sells for £29.99 and is a joining gift from us.

This course is yours with a lifetime access, please revisit it as often as you like.






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