Outlaw Kids MMA

Thank You For Your Interest In Outlaw Kids Martial Arts

Thank you for booking your childs trial session, if after reading through this ebook you have any more questions all our contact details are on the back page.

What Does Your Child Need To Wear?

Anything Comfortable that will allow your child to train. i.e. Joggers/shorts and a T-Shirt

Outlaw Kids MMA

What Do I Need To Bring For My Child ?

Please Bring

Outlaw Kids MMA

What Happens When We Arrive?

Please arrive 10 minutes before the start of the session is due to start.Once the class has started no one else will be allowed on the mats.Once you have arrived at the gym you will be shown all the important things like bathroom first aid kit etc.Then your child will be introduced to the group they will be training with.

Outlaw Kids MMA

What Will Happen In My Childs 1st Session?

Once your child has arrived, they will be taken onto the mats and this is where the fun starts. We do not allow parents on the mat so can you please take a seat in the reception area. The reason parents are not allowed on the mats or stairs is 2 fold. Health and Safety and room.
The session will consist of a warm up usually lasting 8 minutes. Then partner or line work where your child will be shown the topic of that particular session. We always finish with a brief mat chat and a quick game.Then everyone lines up and bows out.

Outlaw Kids MMA

Can I Watch?

In short the answer is NO. Because of the set up of the gym it is impossible to alllow visitors to watch.We have a reception area with free wifi for anyone who wishes to to use it.

Outlaw Kids MMA

What Happens After My Childs 2 Sessions?

When your Child has finished their 2 sessions we will have a quick chat about joining the gym.
No pressure will be put on you to join the gym, If you decide that Outlaw is not for you then we will part as friends. If however you can see the benifits of Martial Arts  we will explain how you can join. The proccess is very simple, just filling in a form. Please Note after your Session membership is not guaranteed.

Outlaw Kids MMA

How Many Times A Week Can My Child Train ?

At the moment we offer the following sessions although we have plans to open more.
Saturday 10-10.45am (6-11 years)

Outlaw Kids MMA

If I Decide I Want To Trian At Outlaw What Equipment Will I Need?

Here is a list of Equipment you will need to buy for your child

Outlaw Kids MMA

Are The Coaches Qaulified ?

All the coaches at Outlaw MMA are fully insured -DBS checked, have done safe guarding courses and are 1st aid qualified.
Should you wish to check all of our certification is in THE GREEN FOLDER on the coffee table in the reception area

Outlaw Kids MMA

Is There A Grading Syllabus?

100% yes the Outlaw kids syllabus is a full and varied syllabus specifically for this age group.It is a very simple (not easy) syllabus with each grade building on the last. All grades are sanctioned and regognised by WUMA

Outlaw Kids MMA

Rules Of The Gym






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