Importance of an Online "Video" Presence!

Bonnie Keith


Importance of an Online "Video" Presence!

1: EVERYONE is ONLINE. Young and not so young are now online using Zoom, Facetime, Skype, to communicate with friends and family.

2: Seniors are online now more than ever, not just to communicate, but also to SHOP, research (get information, education), and find needed Services.

3: A recent client of mine received an actual Phone call from an elderly couple from out of state who found her online via a google search. IF she did NOT have a significant online presence, they would have found her competition instead.

4: Having a viable online marketing strategy is no longer an option, it is a NECESSITY for your success.

These are trends that will NOT go away. They may change and morph and transform but they are here to stay.

1: A website and/or

2: A Landing Page: (a one page “website”)- working in conjunction with an autoresponder:

(Such as: Constant Contact, Aweber, Get Response, MailChimp, Sendlane)

Autoresponder; Helps you build your email list and then to stay in touch with your potential customers and retain existing customers

Certain autoresponders actually have the capacity to allow you to build your own landing pages..which will:

Includes: Opt-in form to collect name and email

Thank you page followed by automatic email/newsletter “drip” campaign

But one of the things that you need to add to your landing page which is the original incentive for people to go TO your landing page is:

A discount or Free E BOOK as incentive gift to download

3: Depending on your target market: A presence on certain social media sites: i.e. Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, Tik Tok, Twitter

5: Optional: another important thing to have as well as the ebook is a way for clients to book your services, or a consultation, to schedule a meeting/call with you, or whatever you are offering ….so they can do this online without right from your landing page…..ONLINE:

Importance of an Online "Video" Presence!

online calendar with booking capabilities


Having all these elements in place and using them correctly is known as a marketing “FUNNEL”.

This is sometimes known as the buyer's journey or sales funnel. In a nutshell, it's the steps your audience take from first recognizing that they have a problem to choosing your product or service to solve it.

YOU NEED VIDEO: WHY? A captivating video is one of the best Selling Tools: it is a shortcut to getting your biz on pg. 1 of google

Tips of the day/week/month

How do you……?????

Did you Know????????

Selfie videos

Zoom calls

Facebook or Youtube Live

Animated/whiteboard/explainer type video

Using stock footage, graphics, titling, music, maybe captions and audio

Youtube is the 2nd largest Search Engine in the World

Google is the # 1 largest search engine in the World

Google OWNS Youtube and therefore LOVES to help rank VIDEOS from Youtube higher than other types of media. As long as you optimize the videos correctly with proper keywords, tages, and descriptions, the video can rank on google.

By “RANKING” high on Google, this means that when your prospective clients/customers search for your type of business or service that they will find YOU.

Importance of an Online "Video" Presence!

Remember, they don’t know the actual name of your company Yet, so they search for your TYPE of business, such as “grief counselor & spiritual advisor” because they might not know Carol Pilkington YET…Until, she appears in a google search: ……………

OR, an elderly couple in Virginia searches on line for Professional Organizer and finds one in Southern California because a video appeared when they searched. They watched the video and MET Colleen who is a professional organizer in Manhattan Beach, CA, they felt she was knowledgeable, like her, trusted her and CALLED her. Colleen filmed a selfie of herself and a video was created from that. Colleen also created some short audio only files, and other videos were created from those thereby giving Colleen a strong online presence without ever having to be filmed professionally

Here is an instance where people might actually know the name of the company they are looking for:

Assisted Living Locators is a Franchise and someone may have been referred to them, so they will search:

Assisted Living Locators (and then the city they are in)-San Gabriel, LA County, Pasadena

assisted living san gabriel memory care

Assisted living Locators-San Gabriel

Assisted Living Locators-LA County and LeeAnn is now ahead of her Los Angeles “competition”, or, at the very least, running neck to neck

Must have an Emotional Impact on the Viewer: to do this, you need:

1:The Intro: The Hook (“it all started” concept)

2: Identify Pain Point:

3: Tell a Story…implication “If I don’t fix the problem”-create visualization & concern

4: Relief: Solution: “Eureka moment”-&: Result: “the Aha Moment”-what you achieved and how they can do it

5: CTA (Call to Action): increases conversions…


1:Must have an Emotional Impact on the Viewer: to do this, you need:

1: The Intro: The Hook (“it all started” concept)

Importance of an Online "Video" Presence!

You get 5-10 seconds to grab viewers attention

Introduction: establish YOUR authority and why you can speak on this subject

2: Identify Pain Point: Not just a problem, but what is underlying….

i.e. I am out of shape, therefore I have no self confidence, I get depressed……..

3: Tell a Story…implication “If I don’t fix the problem”-create visualization & concern

must relate to viewers-story must resonate with them

4: Relief: Make your viewers imagine, what IF: What if you could……….

Solution: “Eureka moment”-What you did, what changed, what steps to get this result.…….

Result: “the Aha Moment”-what you achieved and how they can do it… i.e. no longer depressed, or insecure....with this new confidence, they are making more $$, getting fitter at the gym, etc.

5: CTA (Call to Action): increases conversions…What you want the viewer to do: call me at:…, for more information, go to:……..

 Your Name  Company Name and Position  Problem you solve for your clients/story

 One specific piece of advice, tip ‐ a take‐away the viewer can use right now. They will feel good after watching the video.

 Other pertinent information your viewers might want to know

All of the above to be approx. 60 seconds. Please practice and time yourself. Know the highlights /bullet points. Try NOT to be Reading your script.

try to be concise and to the point. Don’t ramble or go off on tangents. You can’t give the audience “everything” in this teaser/promo/educational video minute. This video is a teaser, to give them just enough valuable info to trust you as the expert and to contact you. NOT to give them EVERYTHING you know on the subject.

The goal of the video is to educate the viewer to the value of your services/products so they will contact you for more information. At end of video, have a “call to action” such as, “for more information, please contact my office” OR, “If you have any questions, I’d love to speak with you…….”.

The purpose of the video is:

Importance of an Online "Video" Presence!

To Take the viewer through a journey of problems, Implications, Solutions, and results that they can personally relate to.

To humanize YOU, differentiate you from your competitors, bring out your essence and what makes you unique

Even if you are selling a product, you must rise above your competitors by creating a relationship with the viewers, your target market.

Establishes you as an authority, an expert in your field.

To get people to know you, like you and trust you and therefore want to do business with YOU.

YOU are what makes your product or service stand out from the rest.

Optimized Video with a call to action (CTA)

Call to Action directs viewer to your Landing Page

Welcoming message

Opt-in Form:

thank you page

schedule an appointment with you via your on line calendar

Download your free E Book

The Landing Page is like a ONE Page Website. You can have images, text, videos, and hyperlinks to other sources such as your website.

Example of a Landing page with downloadable E Guide:  click here

Importance of an Online "Video" Presence!