The Fundamentals to Facebook Marketing 


Facebook Ads For Rookies

Facebook Ads For Rookies

                      What will you Learn? 

1. Why Facebook Ads?
2. Setting up your Ads 
3. Marketing Objective
4. Audiences- Custom and Lookalike
5.  Detailed Targeting, 
6.  Placements
7.  Ads Examples.

                       Why Facebook Ads?

1. One of its best features is the possibility of instant communication with potential customers, adaptable liabilities for the target audience, and positioning quality interface for creating.

2. Facebook has more than 1,86 billion active customers on a monthly basis which makes it a perfect platform for promoting different services and products to different target customers.

3. Facebook ads allow precise targeting based on demographic characteristics, different interests on users’ profiles as well as their preferred way of using Facebook (on mobile phones, computers etc.).

Facebook Ads For Rookies

4. That’s pretty precise, right? Another big plus is simplicity in developing the creative part of adverts. Short tests and an effective picture or a photo are quite enough if they are sending out the right message.

5. It attracts targeted audiences to your Facebook page where you’re promoting a certain product or it leads them to a website.

                       What do you need?

The main interface for Facebook adverts is called Ads Manager, which is accessible on the following website.

At the top right corner, there’s an icon “Create an advert” which leads directly to adverts/interface. By clicking on this aforementioned link, the interface for advert creation will be opened, offering different options to choose from.

Facebook Ads For Rookies

                     Campaign Objective

First and foremost, you need to choose among three marketing objectives:

Awareness, Consideration and Conversion.

Each of them offers a few options which allow you to be even more precise with the goals you hope to achieve through Facebook advertising.

Facebook For Rookies

Whether you want to increase your Brand Awareness, improve Engagement, get more Video Views, or improve Store Visits on your e-commerce website, Facebook’s got you covered. 

It’s important to know the hierarchy of Facebook adverts, so before continuing with creating ads, 
Let's understand:

CAMPAIGN: At the campaign level, we define the ultimate goal of adverts (page like, boost post, website conversion). 
All ads created in that campaign must have the same purpose. If you want to promote a Facebook page and posts published on Facebook and your website, you’ll have to create three different campaigns.

Facebook Ads For Rookies

: On the second level we define the target audience, budget for our ads, and positioning. Ad Sets are created within campaigns 
(basically, campaigns consist
of various Ad Sets).

All ads created in certain Ad Set will target the same target audience, have the same budget, and the way of payment, but also will be positioned in the same places on Facebook ad. 

Each Facebook ad, no matter which campaign or ad set it belongs to, can have its own picture and text.

To summarize, on the advert level we define the creative part of ads, place them into Ad Sets which have defined target audience, budget and positioning.

Before we go further, Let’s understand different type of Facebook adverts and their positions depending on the goals of a marketing campaign,

Facebook Ads For Rookies

Facebook offers a few types of adverts:

    1. “Boost your posts” or “Page Post Engagement” is used for promoting content on a Facebook page. This kind of promotion increases the reach of the post and users’ engagement. Beware though, even though it’s not mandatory, it’s still recommended to pay attention to the rule that the post can have about 20% of the text, along with a picture or a photo.

    2. “Promote your page” or “Page Likes” serve as a means of attracting new fans to a Facebook page.

    3. “Send people to your website” or “Clicks to website” are used for promotion of a website (such as sites for booking, special offers, newsletters sign-ups, etc) Clicks on these advertisements leads users to a website with the content you're promoting.

    4.“Increase conversion on your website” or “Website conversions” also lead users to the desired website, but here you can track the number of reached conversions(e.g.reservations, newsletter sign-ups, purchases, inquiries)

    5 “Get installs of your app” or “App Installs” is used to promote mobile apps. If your goal is to increase the number of contestants or people who use an app, then you’ll use this kind of adverts, but you also have to be an app administrator.

    6. “Increase engagement in your app” or “App Engagement” is used when you want your customers, who’ve joined the contest or entered an app, to return again several times.

    7. “Raise attendance to your event” or “Event Responses” are used when promoting different events. After you’ve created an event on your Facebook page, you can proceed with this kind of advert to promote your event.

    8. “Get Video Views” is used for the promotion of a video.

    Facebook Ads For Rookies

    Facebook adverts can be placed in the news feed of its users, on the right track for adverts, on mobile phones, and even on Instagram. 

    It’s possible to combine different
      displays for certain content or even to choose which mobile platform you want to advertise your post on.

    It’s crucial for a campaign to choose the right path because its success depends on that decision, but also on optimizing settings of your advert. The main rule is to know what you want to achieve.

    Write down your goals and then create your campaign based on those goals. It’s wrong if you want to track conversions on your website, instead create“Page Likes” advert.


    Facebook advertising allows you to target your audience admirably superb. Let's see some examples how this works and explain some options, but firstly, we must emphasize it’s not necessary to use all available options and to really narrow down your audience (even though that can be done with just one option as well) because the price of your advert will be high.

    Facebook adsLorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit

    On the other hand, it’s not good to have an audience that’s too wide because then your advert will be shown to those who might not be among your target audience and then they’ll click on your advert and spend your budget. The best option is to find the optimal combination and you’ll do that if you distinctly and directly define your audience among all possible options.

    While targeting your audience, Facebook offers these options, let's check it out. 

                    Custom & Lookalike Audience


    Visitors of some website, list of users who installed a certain app, etc. Basically, you can target users who already expressed interest in a certain offer. 

    A special group that you’ve created using the Ads Manager. Usually, the data gathered here is from people who participated in some contest on your page, visitors to your website. This option is very useful for connecting multiple online channels for promotion or re-targeting. This group is created by clicking on the option “Audience” in the Ads Manager menu.

    Facebook adsLorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit


    Creates a new group of people which will be similar to some previously created audience, while Saved Target Group creates your audience based on the parameter visible below and you can apply it to any campaign or ad.

    Facebook Ads For Rookies

                     Location, Age and Gender


    Defining country, but also targeting even more precisely by choosing regions, provinces, and cities in certain countries.


    Defining the age group of your audience.


    Defining sex of your target audience.

    Facebook Ads For Rookies

                          Detailed Targeting

    It will be specific for each advert campaign, but in any case, it’s important to remember to define it correctly so that your adverts can be shown to people who want to see them.

    Let’s say you’re a Real Estate agent of XYZ Realty and you’re trying to advertise single-family homes for first-time parents. So how would you target your audience based on demographics and their interests and behaviors? Quite easily, actually, thanks to Facebook’s detailed targeting which uses these options.

    Facebook Ads For Rookies

    Facebook’s targeting offers you to target Parenting people, even those who got married 3 or 6 months ago. Also, you can add interests such as child care or Infant because that means people who previously expressed interest. Those are more likely to be interested in your services for family homes.

    If you’re not sure which targeting options to put in, just click on the Browse button and Facebook will help you out with sections of Demographics, Interests, Behaviors, and even additional categories so all you have to do is click on those that are relevant to your adverts.

    If you plan to use this kind of targeting more often, then Facebook allows you to save it. That way, you’ll save yourself time and won’t have to choose these targeting options each time you want to create a new ad.


    Targeting your audience based on languages they speak.

    Facebook Ads For Rookies


    Defining your audience based on their relationship status, education level, employment, ethnicity, generation, parenthood, and any other parameters that define their everyday life (are they living outside their hometown, have they been newlyweds, did they make any career changes recently, etc.)


    Contains different categories of personal interest that Facebook registered.


    Offers different options for targeting based on customers’ behaviors or activities. For example, their plans for future travels.

    Defining the Budget, Placement and Payment methods

    Facebook Ads For Rookies

    The administrator of adverts has to track what he/she gets for invested money, paying attention to data such as the price of Like on the page, cost of clicks on an advert, how many users will potentially see this advert, how many users actually clicked on an advert, what the average cost of advert clicks or Likes on the page is.

    Facebook Ads For Rookies

    When you’re creating an advert, you’re ordered options to define budget on Ad Set level. This budget can be defined on a daily basis (Per Day) or for a whole period of advertising Ad Set (Lifetime Budget) where you can choose the specific start and end date and hour of advertising with an estimate of how much money you are going to spend.

    Facebook Ads For Rookies

    There’s also a possibility to choose between Automatic Placement and Custom Placement where you can choose device types (mobile phones, desktop or all devices) and platforms such as Facebook and Instagram with even further options for placement of your ads within these platforms (feeds, right column, Stories, etc.)

    The most amusing part of the Facebook advertising process is definitely the creative part where you need to choose the format and general look of your final ad, You can choose various options, such as a carousel, a single image, a video, slideshow or even Canvas. It’s important to choose the right format because you don’t want to send out the wrong message, but also you want it to be visually appealing to Facebook customers.

    Facebook Ads For Rookies

    Let’s take a look at some of the Facebook Ads examples.

    Facebook Ads For Rookies


    When you’ve created your first campaign, it’s necessary to choose a payment method (Add Payment method).

    Facebook bills adverts after they’ve reached a certain consumption.

    It’s important that money is on the account in the moment when Facebook bills at your adverts.

    If there isn’t enough money in your account, the campaign will be stopped until Facebook can bill you for your adverts.

    The next step is the dashboard of Ads Manager where you’ll have all the information about your adverts.

    At Billing and Settings tabs inside Ads manager interface you can adjust all the necessary elements.

    Facebook Ads For Rookies

    The purpose of the description box in an advert is to clarify the product or service you are advertising. At this point, just keep it short and simple because you’re only allowed to use no more than 90 characters.

    Facebook Ads For Rookies

    When you’re thinking about the text of your advert, keep in mind that an average Facebook user sees hundreds of ads on a daily basis, online and offline. That’s why it’s so necessary to make sure your ad is different, unique, and interesting so it could stand out from the other adverts. For example, if we wanted to create an advert for dentist services, we could simply write “We offer the best dentist service…”, but by spicing things up a bit, changing the concept, and communicating the message directly to the customer, we’ll write “Would you like to have a beautiful smile?"

    This increases our chances to gain more attention from our target audience. Naturally, These adverts can be changed later on and adapted as many times as you want to. The key thing is to play with your ads, emphasize all the advantages users will get or gain, unique qualities of your product/service, and special offers such as discounts, sales, etc.

    It’s important to test your ads and to trigger reactions from the users on the page to finally figure out the right adverts that work for your target audience. Also, don’t forget about your competition, study them closely, see what they are doing, check their strategies, what they are doing on their pages so that ultimately – you can do better!

    Facebook Ads For Rookies

    The destination of your Facebook ad (landing page) can be chosen by clicking on the Landing View option at the menu where it says “Show Advanced Options”.

    There, you’ll have different segments to choose from: Timeline, Photos, Videos, or special Facebook tabs on the page.

    The last ones are useful for advertising because it’s possible to create a Call to Action tab which allows you to create interesting information gathered in one place to keep your customer and, eventually, get him/her to Like the page.

    Once you’ve reached this step in advert creation, you can choose the positioning of your ads for the first time if your ad isn’t already placed in one of the Ad Sets.

    To choose the right place of showcasing your ad you’ll have to pick according to the type of your advert or simply by testing two different ads with different placements to see which one is getting better results.

    Facebook Ads For Rookies

    It should be pointed out that the creation of an advert which helps you drive more customer sand gets more Likes doesn’t mean the end of your campaign. By clicking on your advert, the user is trying to gather as much information as possible.

    This information should be visible on the cover of your Facebook page, special tab, album, post on the page, and should be visible right away. Each ad needs to make sense, has its own beginning and end.

    Facebook Ads For Rookies

    Before we go to Conclusion!

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    Facebook ads give us plenty of options for reaching our targeted audience in unique and creative ways.

    There’s one golden rule: create multiple ads, check results after a few days to see which ads aren’t working so we can cross them out and focus on those that give us desired results. If necessary, this process should be repeated all the time. You can find certain campaigns where ads weren’t deleted for weeks (there are even cases when an ad is intact for months and it’s still delivering great results), but on the other hand, there are some campaigns where it’s necessary to create new adverts daily to find the best one for your campaign. Tracking novelties in Facebook advertising, testing different options, continuously working on advertising, setting the right goals, and other online parameters that have an impact on the results of adverts will get you your desired results. SIMPLICITY, MEANING, GOALS, AND CREATIVITY ARE KEY ELEMENTS TO SUCCESSFUL ADVERTISING, BUT IT’S IMPORTANT TO POINT OUT ONCE MORE THAT AFTER CREATING AN AD, YOUR CAMPAIGN DOESN’T END THERE!


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