The Cape Town School 
of Supernatural Ministry

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In 2021 the Cape Town School of Supernatural Ministry (also called CSSM) is launching our first 9-month ONLINE School. Our school was launched in Cape Town in 2014 as a BSSM school plant. Over the years we have planted several campuses in the Western Cape.  

In 2021 we will offer the First Year Course online, with the option of proceeding to a Second Year in 2022.  Our First Year Online course is from Monday 8 February 2021 - Monday 25 October 2021 (excluding South African school holidays).

How will the online First Year course work?

Launch of Online School 2021

Explanation of School Activities 2021

From Monday the 8th of February 2021 until Monday the 25th of October 2021, registered students  will be engaged with CSSM every week, except during school holidays.  During school holidays students will be expected to catch up on term work, if needed.  The next few pages are a discussion of the activities that are required of registered students: 

Online FIRST YEAR 2021

Face-to-face Sessions

Online BSSMequip platform

Online FIRST YEAR 2021

Book Reading


Online FIRST YEAR 2021

Outreaches and Activations

What are the requirements for this course?

What is the Course Content?

The first year programme is designed to create an environment where students can safely take risks as they learn and develop a lifestyle of character and supernatural ministry.   Our courses focus on:

Online FIRST YEAR 2021

How much does the course cost?

Download the Tuition Fees document here  https://w

Online FIRST YEAR 2021

How do I apply for CSSM 2021?

Proceed to the CSSM webpage Carefully read all the instructions on this webpage, before commencing with your application.   The link to the actual application form is:  Please note that all applications for CSSM Online 2021 closes on midnight, Tuesday 23rd of February 2021.

Contact us

Let us know if you would like more information about FIRST YEAR online 2021. We are available to chat via whattsapp, zoom or a phone call.  Please let Debra (CSSM administrator) know and she will arrange for this to take place.

If you would like sample teachings of our the First Year course, please send a request to Debra.  

Our contact details are: 

Let the journey begin...