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Mystic Empath Manuscript

Mystic Empath Manuscript

Mystic Empath Manuscript

An Empath’s Guide to Self-Discovery: Understanding the Empath Archetypes

Have you ever been told you are too sensitive? Or, maybe you take on the emotions of others and it interferes with your day-to-day living. This can lead you into a state of anxiety, or hiding away in an effort to protect yourself, and keeps you from realizing your full potential. If these things resonate with your experiences, you may be an empath.

An empath is someone who has the ability to experience the emotions of others as if they are their own. This is a unique way of engaging with the world as it gives you not only your emotions to process, but other’s as well. Learning to understand your experiences and manage emotions is all part of the empathic journey.

Empaths have a unique set of challenges, but you also have an amazing gift. You are able to connect deeply to the world and people around you. You feel what others are feeling, and this subtle, non-linear knowing allows you insights and increased intuitive abilities.

In this guide, you will be taken down one path of greater self-knowledge, empath archetypes, so you can gain a deeper appreciation for who you are. You are an empath first, but you can experience that side of yourself in a variety of ways.

Mystic Empath Manuscript

Become the main character in your own empathic story

There is nothing you have to do to get started on your journey as an empath. You already are one, and you are on the path to knowing yourself by choosing to read this guide and get to know your archetype. Creating your own personal mythic journey allows you to engage with your life and become the main character in it, not a side story.

You have heard the call of your spirit or self to discover more about yourself and what your purpose is. Delve deeper into why you have these specialized empathic abilities. Decide how you are going to use them in your life.

Changing the lens through which you view your life puts you in control. Empaths so often give up control to others who have written the narration for them. 

Mystic Empath Manuscript

Being sensitive to the needs of society and people means you care about the state of individuals and the state of the collective. This is exhausting work, and sometimes it is important to turn the camera back on yourself and do some self-work, self-development and self-care.

If you could conjure up any character, from myth or from a story, that you want to emulate, who would they be? Start to think of how the themes and energies of their life might be mirrored in your own. What changes would you have to make? 

What aspects of your emotional world would you have to integrate into telling your story with more authenticity? Discovering who you are within the context of what you want your life to look, feel, and be like will allow you to attract and seek out the relationships, situations, and path that is meant for you.

Here you can review what makes someone an empath, discusses what archetypes are and why they are a useful tool for self-reflection, and explains the nine different empath archetypes. Getting to know more about empath archetypes opens a door into knowing yourself better and understanding your purpose within the cosmic psyche. 

In addition, you will be given a set of practical approaches and tools you can use to live more holistically and authentically as your empathic self.

Mystic Empath Manuscript

What exactly is an empath?

Empaths make up about 20% of the human population. They are the sensitive folks who feel what others are feeling, called empathy, at a higher frequency than most people. Put another way, empaths energetically feel in their own body, mind, and spirit the emotional undercurrents of other people, animals, nature and society.

Empathy is natural to humans and other animals and is experienced in varying degrees of intensity across the spectrum of the human population. What makes empaths unique is the dominant role that empathy plays in their daily life, experiences, relationships, and identity.

Mystic Empath Manuscript

How to know if you are an empath: self-assessment

Chances are you already know you are an empath, but just in case here is a self-assessment so you can be sure. If you answer ”yes” to 6 or more from the list below, you are likely in the 20% of the population that is significantly impacted by your experience of empathy.

  1. _______ You can sense the emotions of others even if they aren’t verbally expressed
  2. _______ You just have a "feeling" when something is off
  3. _______ You are deeply moved when someone is sharing an emotional story
  4. _______ You feel pain in your body when you see someone else physically injured
  5. _______ You feel emotionally drained after a social event
  6. _______ You have been told you are "too sensitive”
  7. _______ You have an extreme sensitivity towards animals and nature
  8. _______ You tear up or cry when someone else is crying
  9. _______ You try very hard to please others at the expense of your needs and desires
  10. _______You tend to get overwhelmed in crowds or bright, loud, or stimulating spaces
  11. _______ Your mood fluctuates based on who you are around
  12. _______ Your feelings shift out of nowhere with no apparent explanation
  13. _______ You are drawn towards helping, healing, and nurturing others

Mystic Empath Manuscript

The story and science of the word “empath”

The word “empath” was first used in the early 1900s as part of the development of modern psychology. It is a translation from German to English — Einfühlung — literally meaning “in-feeling”. 

At that time, it had a lot more to do with projecting one’s feelings onto objects through something called aesthetic empathy. By the 1940s, the meaning shifted closer to today’s definition. Although we haven’t always had a word for empathy, empathy has always been intrinsic to human experience. Some other species experience empathy too, such as dogs and elephants.

Scientific research has shown that empathy is part of how humans have been able to survive. Elaine N. Aron, Ph.D., author of the book The Highly Sensitive Person, suggests that a species needs its more sensitive members to stay vigilant for subtle threats so they can alert the rest of the species. A Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) is a different concept than an empath, but there is some overlap in this case.

An HSP is thought to have a more responsive nervous system, and therefore are more sensitive in relation to their environment and the people around them. Empaths may also be HSPs, but experiencing empathy does not necessarily need to stem from a physiological response related to the nervous system, as with HSPs.

The ability to sense non-verbal, emotional experience in others has enriched humans’ capacity for communication and has enabled the species to better understand their environment. 

Mystic Empath Manuscript

There is science behind the experience of being an empath, having psychic abilities, and intuition — it isn’t all “woo-woo” or simply a vivid emotional inner-life.

The Journal of Future Studies published an article by Marcus T. Anthony in 2015 titled “Classical Intuition and Critical Futures.” Anthony goes into some detail about the science behind the intuitive experience and how this is rooted both physiologically in the body and in the mind.

The empath’s strengths and challenges

Being able to empathize has been shown to facilitate a more just, kind, and compassionate community. In “A Short History of Empathy,” Susan Lanzoni discusses eight different versions of empathy:

“The social psychologist C. Daniel Batson, who has researched empathy for decades, argues that the term can now refer to eight different concepts: knowing another’s thoughts and feelings; imagining another’s thoughts and feelings; 

Mystic Empath Manuscript

adopting the posture of another; actually feeling as another does; imagining how one would feel or think in another’s place; feeling distress at another’s suffering; feeling for another’s suffering, sometimes called pity or compassion; and projecting oneself into another’s situation.”

Translating emotions is nuanced. An empath often gathers information about how someone feels then interprets through their own lens of emotional understanding. This means that the “translation” is now intertwined with their own

Empaths have a super-sensory gift to understanding the heart-space of their own being as well as others. This is a communication center, an energetic field that expands out beyond the body and interacts with the heart centers of others. It is an area where you can emotionally translate the experiences of others.

Feelings are ephemeral and transient; they are often subtle, other times intense and overwhelming. They can shift from deeply sad to joyful. Often they are difficult to describe with language. Because empaths are attuned to both their own emotions and those of others, this can often make you feel drained or overwhelmed as you navigate the ebbs and flows of the emotional currents surrounding you.

One of the things an empath can work on is distinguishing their own emotions from those of others. In addition to this, an empath needs to become skilled at setting boundaries and learn how to manage situations where other people might feed off the empath’s open and vulnerable emotional state. People do this consciously and unconsciously, discussed through the topic of energy vampires later in this guide.

Mystic Empath Manuscript

Case Study: Star Trek’s Empath, Deanna Troi

Stark Treks the Next Generation has a great example of an empath in the character of Counselor Deanna Troi played by Marina Sirtis. Her character is half Betazoid, which is a species in the Star Trek universe with the psychic ability to sense emotions. Troi senses and understands the feelings and moods of the other characters, even other species, in the show.

Her skill is very much a human trait when it comes to empaths and feeling empathy in general. She provides support, counseling, and advice to the other characters using her skill in feeling what they are feeling. Sometimes she is portrayed in pain as she feels the pains of others as well, consistent with the empath'’s experience. Counselor Troi has a honed ability that comes naturally to her. She is able to employ it in her work and daily life on the show.

Like this Star Trek character, you are able to refine your emotional sense and tune it toward discovering how to live well in your body -- aligned and balanced.

Mystic Empath Manuscript

What is an archetype?

An archetype is a set of characteristics, patterns and ideas thought to be derived from collective universal experiences. Said another way, archetypes represent distinctly different ways of being in and experiencing the world. Archetypes represent brand universal characteristics that define the cycles and experiences of life. They are often personified using human emotions and behaviors.

These specific sets of behaviors are found in the stories humans tell based on the cycles and journeys of life. So, for example, an archetype from myths and stories might be the Trickster. An archetype found in ancient Greek, Norse, Slavic, and American Indigenous folklore. 

Although the specifics vary between the folklore of different cultures, the Trickster is always an entity who breaks the rules for good. For example, Prometheus in the Greek myth about Pandora’s box is a version of the Trickster archetype. He steals fire from the god Zeus in order to help humankind. Like all archetypes, the Trickster is characterized by particular behaviors, psychological motivations, and plot lines.

An archetype is thought to exist in a great energetic sea of the collective psyche — both planetary and human. Therefore, all beings have access to these shared ideas. When a person embodies an archetype, they are tapping into a particular and universal pattern of behavior. 

Unlike spirit possession where a person channels another being, when a person embodies an archetype, they are tapping into deeper levels of the psyche.

Mystic Empath Manuscript

Some archetypal ways of being characterize you for your entire life. Other archetypes may serve you for a time and then you might outgrow them. For example, someone who is especially nurturing may draw inspiration from the Mother archetype for their entire lives. That same person might go through a particularly challenging event and channel the Hero archetype for just a short time. 

Understanding archetypes can help you connect to different and hidden parts of yourself, help you better understand your personal journey, and can reveal the interconnection between all beings and existence.

Psychology: Carl G. Jung’s work on archetypes

Carl G. Jung was a pioneer in archetypal psychology in the late 19th to early 20th century. His work, with the help of his patient and eventual colleague, Sabina Spierlein, allowed him to dive into the world of human consciousness.

Mystic Empath Manuscript

He produced writings that spoke to shared human experiences and encounters. Jung created a lens through which the natural patterns of existence were mirrored through a set of characteristics, symbology and behaviors. These are called archetypes. 

Jung, and other early psychoanalysts such as Sabina Spierlein, focused on the unseen spiritual ocean of human knowledge that would come to be named the collective unconscious.

This is a shared pool of wisdom, outside of consensus reality’s known space-time; available for all to draw inspiration and meaning from. Here records for all of existence are stored energetically through symbols and thought forms, like a spiritual library of sorts. Compare it to your imagination, which isn't a physical space but a place you can still visit and "travel" to in your mind.

One way into this archetypal and spiritual ocean is by getting to know yourself. You can grow to understand who you are in light of the archetypes as symbols and representations of your life’s journey, path and purpose.

Archetypes exist all over the world: in media, stories, music and art. You have the opportunity to understand yourself better through these archetypal patterns. Even if this library of knowledge is called the collective unconscious, it can be viewed consciously in the physical world by what is manifested here. You can see the stories playing out in nature, societies, governments, and individual lives.

Mystic Empath Manuscript

The way life unfolds can be matched with a particular current of energy, or archetypal pattern from the sea of the unseen mind of the collective. For example, a spiritual mentor in your life, might be playing out the Teacher archetype storyline, while you are in the Student archetype role. Seen from a bird’s eye view and everyone is playing some archetypal roles, or several roles, in the universal story.

Archetypal knowing can extend into the process of individuation. This is the process through which you deepen your understanding of yourself as an individual within the collective. 

For example, you may decide to move out on your own from your parents house or a partner's house. Maybe you didn’t think you could do it, but you took a risk, and now you are happier and more self-aware of your needs, strengths, and challenges. You might gain a better understanding of your past self and be able to integrate lessons learned into your conscious mind. These are all steps on the individuation process.

You are a unique bloom on the tree of life, your empath archetype can assist you in diving into the deeper layers of your individual existence and your personal storyline — your epic life’s journey as you unfurl into your truest and best self through self-realization.

Mystic Empath Manuscript

What is an empath archetype then?

The empath archetypes are the different experiences and patterns found among empaths. The individual empath archetypes further emphasize the nuances and variety of this general experience.

Some characteristics that are considered universal to all empaths are: high emotional sensitivity, higher emotional intelligence, and the ability to feel what others are feeling. These traits, however, can manifest in a multitude of ways, which is why the empath archetypes are helpful in defining your specific experience across the spectrum of empaths.

For example, some empaths are more absorbent of the energies of animals as opposed to people. Some empaths’ experiences of empathy are determined by their tendency towards either introversion or extroversion These distinguishing characteristics are refined by the empath archetypes. 

Each empath archetype is approached with the understanding that you are an empath first with general characteristics, followed by more specific traits for your specific archetype.

Mystic Empath Manuscript

Know Thyself: 
Why you should learn about your unique empath archetype

The famous maxim, “Know Thyself,” inscribed at the Delphic temple in Greece, is a concept with many layers. Like an onion, there are many pieces to peel back in order to reveal where you are on your journey toward empathic self-discovery.

To know who you really are requires work and a commitment to unknotting the social conditioning you were raised with. As you go through this process of disentanglement, you will come to see who you are at the core, who you are within and without. 

Knowing yourself is a lifelong process, there is no destination point, but a continuous deeper learning of self; understanding what motivates you, what inspires you, or what causes you pain for example. You may move in and out of clarity and varying degrees of self-awareness. The point to knowing yourself is the wisdom gained and the potential for an improved, authentic life experience that is all your own.

The path toward knowing yourself isn’t always easy, especially as a sensitive person. Empaths are more attuned to subtle energies. At times, it can feel like you are your emotions or actually, the emotions of others. Knowing how to discern, parse out, and sort through what is yours, what is from your family, what is from your society -- will help bring you a greater understanding of who you are.

Mystic Empath Manuscript

You have to break yourself out of the whole to see yourself as part of the whole. As you understand the paradox of yourself as an individual and as part of the archetypal collective, your gift as an empath becomes more concrete. You are capable of tapping into this collective with skill and precision as you hone your emotional, heart-centered abilities.

Mystic Empath Manuscript

The Wheel of Archetypes

There are many systems to help understand oneself: astrology, numerology, and the Myers Briggs test are some examples of excellent tools. But what makes the empath archetypes unique is that they specifically tap into the epic journey you are taking based on the knowledge that you are working with heightened sensory perception and emotional awareness.

The archetypes help you develop a sense of self by being an empath as the default, not the exception. This system helps normalize the experience of empaths and elevates your ability and experiences as important and valid.

All nine archetypes fit together to form a collective. Each type brings a different set of individual skills, patterns, and traits. In numerology, nine is symbolic of cycles, wisdom and spirituality. Nine is a special number, the square of three, which is symbolic of harmony and cooperation. 

Mystic Empath Manuscript

All nine empath archetypes work with the energies of others. You know that no one survives as an island; it takes community and mutual mirroring and understanding to help each individual thrive.

Why should you learn about your empath archetype?

Empathic people are often told they are “too sensitive” and they are frequently undervalued in society due to a number of intersectional issues. On your path to embracing your empath archetype, start by accepting yourself as a sensitive person.

Bring your own value to the experience and don’t let other people’s ideas and opinions interfere with the beauty of who you naturally are. Learning about your empath archetype can help you thrive. It can help you know more about your purpose for being, and provide you meaning in the mystery of existence.

On a practical level, understanding the way empathy plays out can help you manage different areas of your life. Following the tips and advice in this guide, you can begin to implement the practices into your daily life. This will allow you to have better boundaries, relationships, clearer goals, and better coping skills.

Mystic Empath Manuscript

Practical Rituals for all Empath Archetypes

In this section, you will be given practices for common things that empaths encounter or find challenging. Life is what you need it to be; therefore, you can put on, take off, and try out different ways to manage the creation you are making with your existence.

This information should be modified based on your unique body, life, ability, comfort level, and so on. Always do your own research, explore, remain curious about yourself and see what feels right for you. Getting to know yourself is the greatest journey you can go on.

1. Approaching self-care

The approach an empath takes to their self-care can have a big difference in their day-to-day life. Your heightened awareness can propel you into roles that require more of your emotional energy and deplete your stores.

By being alert to these aspects, you are able to manage life’s ups and downs, anxiety, and interpersonal relationships with more ease. Each of the archetypes could benefit from a slightly different approach to their self-care. However, there are some practical tips that can be applied to all empaths.

Some key areas of life to be aware of are the many varieties of subtle ways that energies affect you. For example, you might be highly sensitive to certain foods or get particularly wired from caffeine or overstimulated in a crowd.

Mystic Empath Manuscript

Your sensitivities can make you more vulnerable to others’ emotions, because your physical vessel, your body, is working extra hard to process certain substances or situations. Your guard weakens. Having well-established boundaries is one of the essential “survival” needs for empaths.

Whether people are aware or not, energy leaks out and spreads, and gets transferred, projected, and entangled with the energy of others. Setting boundaries is one of the most important aspects of self-care for an empath, and for people in general.

Ways to manage your self-care, mindfulness, and self-work are great avenues to understanding your complex needs and your relationship with setting appropriate boundaries, getting enough rest, and living life in a way that feels fulfilling.

Mystic Empath Manuscript

2. Energy vampires, narcissists, and boundaries

Empaths often attract people who are very self-absorbed, narcissistic or have vampiric energy. Being emotionally open draws particular types of attention and people into your life. 

People need people, however, that does not mean you have to be the only person who feeds the emotional needs of another. You have your own work to do and emotional needs to fulfill. When a human has an emotional lack or energetic lack, they will often seek out the energy stores of others.

An empath is more emotionally vulnerable to people who are trying to get their energy needs met. It is important to be aware of these dynamics and how you can easily attract people with this psychic need.

Please Note: Individuals with narcissistic personality disorder should be approached with understanding; however, that does not mean an empath needs to be the one to fix or support that person’s challenges, or even be available to them. There are other supports and systems in place to assist people struggling with serious mental health issues.

What we are discussing here applies more to energetic issues related to boundaries, energy vampires, and the vulnerable layers that surround the empathic person.

Learning to establish and maintain your boundaries will help you shed the confusion that comes with being a people pleaser. The focus of this guide is on you and your needs!

Mystic Empath Manuscript

Because you are emotionally caring, naturally understanding, and can sense what other people are feeling, you might often sacrifice your own self and needs in favor of someone else’s. 

Their needs might seem more acute and, therefore, you easily flex your own comfort, security, and general ease for others.

This is something that is especially common in people who are socialized to accommodate others at the expense of themselves. If you leave situations feeling drained or give someone a ride across town because you didn’t want to say “No,” then these are things you can work on setting better boundaries around. You will feel much better having stood up for yourself and will feel less confused, exhausted, and you will avoid feeling resentment in the long run.

It that it can be a challenge to set personal boundaries, especially if you have been in a people-pleasing mode for a while. It takes courage to confront someone with vampiric energy tendencies and the outcomes are not always what you hope for. It is important to have a good support system in place — people you can trust, like partners, friends, family, or community — to ensure that you are able to discuss, process, and find collaborative solutions.

Mystic Empath Manuscript

Practical Step-by-step Exercises for managing boundaries
1. Visualizing the boundaries you need

One way to energetically set boundaries is to practice various visualization techniques. If you meditate, then this exercise can come more naturally to you. You can modify the visualizations to suit your needs and situation. 

This is a good one to have in your toolbox for stressful situations: being on public transportation or at the grocery store, etc. It can be done quickly and effectively.

It is also a good boundary exercise to start with, as it helps you avoid automatic confrontation with others, which can be very stressful and anxiety-inducing. Practicing these techniques in your mind and energy field brings you into your own personal awareness. It aligns you with your needs and prepares your mind for shifting the energy toward the boundaries you would like to maintain.


Mystic Empath Manuscript

2. Letter writing

You can sort through and process your experience with another person — the things you want, or need, to say but are having trouble bringing up. In addition, it is a good way to more deeply explore your concerns and fears that may be blocking you from asserting your boundaries.


  1. Get a piece of paper and pen or type out your message.
  2. Start at the top writing out Dear _________,
  3. Then write or type out, or just think it to yourself: I need to set a boundary around ______________.
  4. Write out as much as you like, list your needs. This person never has to see what you write so don’t filter your statements.

Mystic Empath Manuscript

  1. This can help you sort out how you feel, where you may feel fear or confusion around asserting boundaries or expressing your needs with particular people.
3. Saying "No"

Consider the following familiar statements: “no problem!” “I’d be happy to help!” “sure!” Now consider if you had said “yes” when what you really wanted to say was “no.” Consider that if something is a maybe, it is actually a “no.” 

You have the right to accommodate your own self and needs, and can practice this skill, especially if you struggle to tell people when you are not up for something.

Saying “no” is a big part of setting boundaries with energy vampires, toxic people, and just anyone in your life. People cannot read your mind. Verbalizing when something is not okay for you, or that you don’t want to do something, can make all the difference to clarifying a situation.


Mystic Empath Manuscript

3. Meaningful time for yourself

Taking time for yourself can be invaluable. Setting aside time just to recharge is essential. It supports you in your life as an emotionally sensitive human. Here are some practical tips to help you make your time alone more enjoyable, comfortable, and useful to you.

Practical tips for making the most of your solitude
1. Moon and surroundings

At times, you’ll be more acutely aware of the energy in your environment. Depending on the day and how you are feeling, how tired you are, and so on, sensitivity to your surroundings can make a difference in regulating your mood.

Mystic Empath Manuscript

Setting up your space to resonate with the feeling you want to embody is one way to experience more nourishment in your self-care. Ensuring your space is curated for how sensitive you are feeling day-to-day facilitates you being able to make the most of your alone time routines.

Here are some tips you can use to set up the right ambiance. Whether you are meditating, stretching, doing yoga, watching a movie, or reading a book, setting up your surroundings can shift how you feel. Colors, lighting, smells, sounds, and textures all play a part in creating a safe, nurturing space.


  1. Light a candle or candles to create ambiance
  2. Clean up and wipe down surfaces.
  3. Declutter and put things away so the space is clear.
  4. Burn natural incense or essential oils and/or have flowers around.
  5. Put on comfortable clothes, surround yourself with fabrics you enjoy, appeal to your tactile senses.
  6. Have lots of pillows and comfy things to sit on.
  7. Put on music or have complete silence.
  8. Have a glass of water or a warm cup of tea nearby.
  9. Let in the fresh air and natural light.

Mystic Empath Manuscript

2. Plan ahead

Having a plan for self-care can seem counter-intuitive, as it is making more work out of something that is meant to make less work and create more ease in your life. However, setting up a plan ahead of time can be helpful, even for the more spontaneous empaths out there. If you know beforehand what your body, mind, and spirit are needing, you can have those things ready and actually have less to think about when it is time to relax and unwind.

For example, going to the store can be draining on an empath; therefore, it is best to go when it won’t interfere with your self-care time. It can take a while to come down from a stressful event, and if you are trying to get the most of the time to yourself, then you want to sort of “pre-relax” into it.

Keep in mind that some errands and things are unavoidable, schedules and plans change. Do what you can. If you can only manage one minute alone to yourself, without distraction, to deep breathe, then do that. Just because you can’t do a full-blown herbal bath, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do anything at all.


  1. Gather the materials you need ahead of time.
  1. If it is a creative time you want to engage in, then have the supplies ready and nearby.
  1. If you want to nourish yourself through study — reading and learning — have the materials, books, or sources available.

Mystic Empath Manuscript

  1. Schedule time for yourself, especially if you are very busy and have a lot of responsibilities. Get your calendar out and write down when you can fit in the time to create meaningful moments of solitude.

4. Food, nutrition, hydration

Being in harmony with your physical body is essential to your empathic self-care. Understanding your needs, from a physiological perspective, blends into many different areas of your wellness. For example, much of the serotonin, a hormone that plays a part in mood stabilization, is actually found in the gut and the brain.

The body is an ecosystem, and approaching yourself from a holistic point of view gives you the opportunity to manage your mood, emotions, spirit, and physical wellness as interconnected and not compartmentalized. Like many things in life, it is about balance.

Mystic Empath Manuscript

Being hungry can contribute to poor mood and decreased alertness and overall functioning. When you are hungry, it is hard to keep everything else aligned and relationships running smoothly. By you being aware of how food affects you, you can become more in tune with managing your life.

Here are some steps you can take to get to know your physical self better (remember to always see your healthcare provider for medical advice):

1. Know your food sensitivities
2. Hydration reminders

Water is an essential substance for the body’s functioning. About 70% of the body is made up of water. Staying well hydrated can help regulate mood swings and support healthy digestion.

Mystic Empath Manuscript


3. Understand your relationship with food

Everyone’s relationship with food is different. There is endless advice about what to eat all over the internet, in books, and from the people in your life. Because you naturally try to please others, you might take on their dietary or nutritional recommendations when they may not actually work for you. 

At times, you might turn to food as a way to process or avoid the complex emotions you are feeling. It can be overwhelming to understand all the dietary and nutritional information that exists. Refine your own personal relationship with food. Here are some things you can try:

Mystic Empath Manuscript

Mystic Empath Manuscript

5. Schedules and organizing

Empaths generally need to live moment to moment in the sense that you constantly need to navigate your own fluctuating moods and feelings and those from the outside world. You need more time to process; being rushed or too busy can lead to overwhelm and frustration.

One of the things you can do is to focus on practical ways for organizing your daily schedule. Pay more attention to the things that are within your control and practice planning ahead; follow a routine and make aspects of your life more predictable.

That way, when the fluctuations do arise, you are better equipped to manage things.

Here are some ideas for organizing your life:

1. Planning as a ritual

Planning the day ahead or the week can be turned into a fun and beautiful ritual. Follow the steps below for an example of how to do this:

Mystic Empath Manuscript

2. Arrive early

Getting to places at a certain time can cause a lot of stress for an empath. When you have an event that could potentially be stress-inducing, consider getting there early. Having time to relax and breath can help reduce stress and anxiety around the event.


Mystic Empath Manuscript

3. Feeling obligated and changing your mind

You can change your mind, and you will. Humans grow and change. Your needs and desires will change. Often, you do things you don’t want to do for the sake of others. So be more honest with yourself and don’t convince yourself that you have to do something because others have expectations for you.

Here are some steps you can take to embrace a flexible yet firm mindset:

Mystic Empath Manuscript

6. Sleep habits

Most everyone could use some support around positive sleep hygiene. Humans spend many hours of their lives asleep. This is a necessary time for recharging — physiologically and emotionally. Sleep contributes an essential aspect to the overall health of your consciousness.

Because empaths' lives are so highly sensitized, you may have many thoughts running through your mind, keeping you up at night. You may be a light sleeper, or you may be more sensitive to caffeine or other substances that disrupt your sleep patterns.

You can take steps throughout the day and before bed to quiet your mind and invite restful sleep. For example, you can make sure you exercise during the day to burn energy so you are ready for sleep. 

Mystic Empath Manuscript

You can step away from all screens an hour before bed to distance your body and mind from stimulation. You can invite calm and serenity into yourself by taking a warm bath or having a cup of herbal tea before bed

Here are some detailed ideas that can assist your overwrought nervous system:

1. Create a calming bedtime routine with herbal tea

Calming herbs can be amazing allies to your bedtime routine. Being able to get adequate healthy sleep can bring improvement to many different areas of your waking life. 

Creating a routine around bedtime can be a calming way to wind down and bring in an overall relaxed state to an anxious spirit. You can let go of the emotional work of the day and lull your mind into just being.

Steps for a bedtime tea ritual:

  1. Using one or two chamomile tea bags, steep the tea in a covered mug for 10 minutes (this is the amount of time recommended for releasing the tea’s medicinal qualities).
  2. Add honey or other sweeteners if you’d like.
  1. Sit with the mug and breathe in the steam; this also has medicinal benefits and calms the nervous system, preparing you for rest.
  1. During your tea ritual, avoid looking at screens or taking in any media. Allow yourself to just exist, contemplate, and be in silence as the medicine takes root in your body.

Mystic Empath Manuscript

  1. When you are finished with the tea, take a deep breath and thank chamomile for its calming vibration.
2. Develop a relationship with your dreams

Dreaming is a way for the psyche to process the day. Science has shown that dreaming is a necessary part of human functioning. This alternate space and time reality can be a beautiful way to gain clarity and insight into your wellness.

Developing your relationship with your dreams is an excellent way to deepen your connection to yourself and enhance the health of your spirit.


Mystic Empath Manuscript

7. The essentials of grounding

Grounding is a term used to describe the feeling of being emotionally and mentally rooted in one’s physical body. For example, you might feel “detached” from your body when day-dreaming. Your mind is off somewhere else and awareness of what is happening around you physically or with your body is lessened.

This process can be likened to the roots of a tree. Even though the branches are up in the sky and not directly touching the roots in the soil, all parts of the tree still need to remain in communication in order to transfer nutrients, sunlight, and sensory information back and forth. Humans are similar in that the body is like the roots of a tree and thoughts and feelings are like the branches. 

It's why phrases such as, “stuck in your head" or "up in the clouds" are used to talk about one is who mostly focused on heady, cerebral or mental energies. Brining the branches (thoughts) in communion with the roots (body) helps the emotions settle in the physical body.

Continuous practice with embodiment can pull your feelings, mind, and awareness in closer to your physical self. This can breed a sense of stability, safety, and clarity.

Mystic Empath Manuscript

By all parts of you being present in your physical self, you can distinguish between your emotions and those of others. You can then set better boundaries, fully assess situations, and approach life from a place of mindfulness as opposed to reaction.

This work is important for those who are highly sensitive. Your constant vigilance to what is happening in the unseen can be emotionally exhausting. Having grounding techniques that root you into the present moment and your physical self is essential for the empath toolbox.

Here are some step-by-step exercises:

1. Touch the ground or something solid.

It may seem simple but connecting to the earth is one of the most straightforward and direct ways to immediately bring yourself into the present. If your emotions are heightened, or you have been through a tense emotional situation, this is a good exercise to try.


Mystic Empath Manuscript

2. Work with grounding stones and gemstones

One of the best ways to manage grounding without exerting too much energy is to ally with gemstones and crystals that are known for their grounding properties. Grounding can be supported by keeping yourself protected from others. What others do or say doesn't need to interfere with your feelings and destabilize your sense of grounding.

Here are the steps to making a protection bag that can help you maintain boundaries so you feel grounded and aligned in your body, mind, and spirit.


  1. Small drawstring bag
  2. Lavender essential oil - known for its calming and protective qualities
  3. Table or sea salt - known for its grounding and cleansing properties
  4. 1 grounding gemstone - choose from black tourmaline, obsidian, smokey quartz, hematite, or small rock or pebble


Mystic Empath Manuscript

3. Meditation: Grounding into your roots

Meditation and deep breathing are excellent ways to ground. You can focus on the root energy center in your body which is located at the base of the spine.


  1. In your preferred meditation posture, close your eyes.
  2. Begin breathing slowly and deeply.
  3. Let your rib cage and belly expand with an inhale.
  4. Then, slowly release the breath intentionally, following it out of the body.
  5. Bring your awareness to the base of your spine now.
  6. And imagine there are roots growing into the ground beneath you.
  7. See each of the roots reaching down, tethering you to the present moment.
  8. Breathing deeply, feel yourself getting more relaxed.
  9. Ease into the visualization of your rootedness.
  10. Feel safe in your sacred body.
  11. Sense the connection being tightly knit between your feelings and physical self.
  12. Sit here a moment breathing naturally, letting the energy settle and slow.
  13. When you are ready, take one final deep breath and open your eyes to end.

Mystic Empath Manuscript

You can shorten or lengthen this meditation as needed. It can be done quickly when you feel a little untethered or frazzled but don’t have a lot of time.

4. Wear grounding colors

Color can assist in shifting your mood and emotions. The colors you wear can project the energetic dimension of what you are trying to achieve or feel. In this case, we want to choose colors that are energetically denser, more solid, and heavier. If you are feeling emotionally disassociated from your physical body, try wearing the following colors:

5. Remember to eat and hydrate

It may seem simple, but staying grounded sometimes just requires you to eat foods that pull your attention away from ephemeral emotions and into the body. When your body is processing food after a meal, more attention is going toward the mundane rather than the energetic influences in your mind and environment.

If you are feeling detached or overwhelmed by emotions, a meal can help you re-calibrate and focus your energy in a different way. A nutritious snack after spiritual work, a difficult conversation, or any task can bring you into the moment -- giving your mind a rest from processing emotions.

Mystic Empath Manuscript

8. Spirituality

A spiritual practice can be an important gateway into knowing yourself more deeply. Of course, each individual’s relationship, desire, and interest in spirituality will differ. Some empaths enjoy the spiritual dimension as your gifts open you up to a layer of meaning and connection that lends itself well for spiritual practice.

Other empaths may be more focused on physical wellness and managing things in the material plane or both. Some would argue that the physical is also spiritual and sacred. There is a concept known as immanence, in which the divine is in all things, from every cell and molecule to every tree and being, and so on. Whichever perspectives, beliefs, or spirituality relate to you are valid.

Here are some ways you may connect with yourself spiritually:

1. Start by honing your intuition

You most likely already have a highly developed sense of intuition. But it can sometimes be hard to trust what you are experiencing. This could be due to society or the social conditioning you grew up around. You may have been exposed to situations in which you were told what to do and to not follow your own intuition.

Here are some ways you can start to rely on your intuition for trusted and accurate guidance:

  1. Silently check in with yourself -- if you are at an event, at work, or in a conversation, take a pause. Tune into your belly and see what you are really feeling; give yourself time to understand before drawing conclusions.

Mystic Empath Manuscript

  1. Practice distinguishing fear and anxiety from intuition.
  2. Meditate regularly on the concept of trusting your intuition.
  3. Write things down. Record when you did or did not trust your inner guidance and how things unfolded.
  4. Work on your confidence and self-worth; developing these parts of yourself assist you in having more confidence and trust in your instincts as well.
2. All about the psychic side of being an empath: clairsentience

The psychic community has a term for empathic abilities called clairsentience. There is virtually no difference between clairsentience and being an empath aside from the fact that you can hone this ability for accuracy to be used in divination. You are naturally attuned to developing this gift for psychic purposes. But you don’t have to by any means, this is just one outlet for your empathic abilities.

Ways to develop clairsentience are learning to “sit in the power” of Spirit by connecting to the unseen realms of energy. This is just one example of a way to connect your spirituality with your empathic gifts. Some empaths feel that opening up these psychic channels can be overwhelming as you may have to manage an influx of emotions. 

Keep in mind that a grounding practice alongside psychic development makes that work more sustainable if this is something that interests you.


  1. To begin developing clairsentience, you want to have a strong foundation in meditation.

Mystic Empath Manuscript

  1. A regular 5- to 10-minute meditation practice, where you focus on “sitting in the power,” is a way to link with Spirit.
  2. To do this, start meditation by deep breathing and focusing on the breath.
  3. Ground and center yourself in the present moment.
  4. Moving your awareness up from the base of the spine to the crown of the head; start to call in an energy, light, or power from the spirit world.
  5. Call this energy in for the highest good, for your highest good, and for the highest good of those around you.
  6. Allow the sensation or visualization of a light emanating from above to cloak you in spiritual energy.
  7. Commune with this energy, feel its vibration, notice where it feels most active in your body.
  8. Become alert to the softening of your mind and thoughts.
  9. Things should quiet and you might feel at peace or you may become highly emotional at the connective experience to Spirit; there is no wrong way, just be.
  10. When you are ready, bring your awareness back into the present moment.
  11. This is a foundational exercise for working with psychic empathic energies.
3. Study spirituality

Spiritual practice can be greatly enhanced by spiritual study. By using your intellect, you are able to discern and organize the spiritual energies you may naturally feel as an empath. 

Understanding the roots of the heart-openness and emotional intelligence found throughout mystical, religious, or spiritual knowledge can be deeply fulfilling. 

Mystic Empath Manuscript

You can study in a community or explore spiritual groups (preferably without strict hierarchical structures) to practice with.

Here are some steps to getting started or deepening your spiritual study and practice:

  1. Pick one tradition or concept to study for the time being; narrowing your focus can reduce mental and emotional clutter when engaging with spirituality.
  2. Gather resources online, through books, or content creators that speak to you emotionally; starting with the emotional self is a good way to know what your spirit is longing to go deeper with.
  3. Cultivate a heart of devotion, by dedicating yourself to the work you are doing, you are opening yourself up to deeper understanding of your chosen spiritual path.
  4. Read and learn as much as feels good for you. Knowledge is a portal toward a more nourishing spiritual practice.
  5. Stay curious, open-minded and flexible to shifting beliefs as you go along.
  6. Try things and don’t be afraid to let things go if they don’t resonate with you.
4. Empower yourself as a sovereign empath: Reclaiming your power

A concept in many spiritual traditions is discovering yourself as a sovereign being -- one in which you choose the script for your own life. You sit at the center of your own energetic and spiritual powers from above and below you.

You have a deep self or higher self that can guide and direct your path. Developing a relationship with these sides of yourself that exist in spirit brings you into greater alignment with your purpose and path. It is an empowering journey to take and one that is yours alone.

Mystic Empath Manuscript

Many myths, stories, and legends reflect the archetypal journey of the hero on their path, deepening their understanding of who they are. Your empath archetype is operating in much the same way, and one of the thresholds to cross over on your journey could be through reclaiming your personal power and sovereignty. 

You are a being in your own right, with an entire matrix of emotions, beliefs, and patterns moving through life in the sacred physical vessel that is your body.

Empaths often have given up a lot of autonomy for the sake of appeasing others. People-pleasing tendencies show up frequently in the life of the empath. 

By owning your spirit and your right to do what you want with your life, you are taking back your power from anyone who has overstepped their boundaries with you or were part of the reason you felt you needed to make yourself smaller in the first place.

Mystic Empath Manuscript

Here is an exercise for calling your power (and therefore your life force and energy) back to you:


  1. Contemplate a time when you felt you compromised your own needs for someone else, to the detriment of yourself.
  2. Remember what this felt like or currently feels like.
  3. Close your eyes and imagine the energy you gave away returning to you.
  4. See it moving back to you energetically with love.
  5. With each breath, you are taking more and more of your power back.
  6. You can do this exercise as frequently as you want to, at the end of each day or weekly. for example. while you step into your power as a sovereign empath.

9. Creative expression and moving past creative blocks

Your creative expression is vital to you as an empath. There are countless ways to be creative; in fact, most actions taken in life have an element of creativity to them.

Humans are weavers and storytellers. They braid the threads of life into amazing pieces of art, music, food, clothing, books, and more. Creativity is an outlet for excess emotions; it can be deeply healing and assist you in managing the flow of energy you may experience.

1. How to find your ideal creative outlet as an empath: Inner Child Meditation

Discovering what form of creativity your emotions flow best through is a helpful tool for figuring out how to make creative time relaxed, enjoyable, and sensuous. 

Mystic Empath Manuscript

This isn’t about pressure or obligation; your empathic creativity should be about fluidity and emotional processing.

Inner Child Meditation Steps:

  1. In your preferred meditation posture, or just sitting in a chair, close your eyes and take a deep breath.
  2. Start taking rhythmically deep inhales and exhales.
  3. Releasing tension and stress with every exhale.
  4. Breathe in and hold for a few seconds as you move your awareness to your heart center.
  5. Breathe out.
  6. Feel your thoughts quiet.
  7. Align your mind with your heart.
  8. Now imagine yourself as a child.
  9. Sense your adult self and child self together.
  10. In your mind, ask your child self what you should be working on creatively.
  11. Feel in your heart when the intuitive answer arrives.
  12. What does your inner child want to be working on?
  13. When you are ready, return to the self in the present moment.
  14. Open your eyes to end.
2. Dealing with Imposter Syndrome as an empath

One thing empaths may struggle with is Imposter Syndrome. This is when you feel your success is not legitimate, based on your abilities, skills, or knowledge; basically, you feel like a fraud no matter how much achievement or validation you receive.

Mystic Empath Manuscript

This can hold you back from fully expressing your true emotional experience through your work. In addition, instances where you suppressed your creativity or self-expression due to abusive, traumatic, or other situations, can leave long-term scars on your ability to freely show yourself to the world.

Your empathic sensitivity leads you to avoid conflicts, and often the most potent art is created within the dynamic tension between society, audience, and artist. A fear of the potential for negative feedback may bring up feelings of insecurity or trepidation. Some work around confidence building as a creative may be needed for the empath. Moving beyond this can take time and practice. It is important to have a lot of compassion for yourself and to surround yourself with people who are supportive of your path and creative self. Keep the following things in mind:

Mystic Empath Manuscript

Final Thoughts

It is important to keep in mind that your journey is unique. Not everything “empath” will apply to your unique life circumstances, situation, upbringing, etc. Everyone is a complex tapestry of influences, social conditioning, and personality.

As you continue on your journey, steering yourself from one milestone to the next, you will start to know what tips and tricks work best for you as an empath. You will come into a great understanding of which things are more important for you to be aware of, which things you need to plan ahead for, and so on.

For instance, you may be at a place in your life when practical measures are needed, while at another, you feel more psychically open and need more spiritual support. Empathy is a fluid and ever-evolving way of being.

This is why knowing your archetype and which category of traits and characteristics you tend to flow within can help you navigate events in your life physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. So take what resonates and leave what doesn’t. There is no one perfect way to approach your archetypal experience as an empath. This journey is uniquely your own.

Mystic Empath Manuscript

Mystic Empath: In-Depth Profile

Who you are . . .

Keywords: Vessel for the divine, wise sage, teacher-student, student-teacher, lifelong learner, curious, smart, scientific, prophet, compassionate, poet

Tarot Cards: The Hierophant (spiritual teacher, ritual, study)

Crystal Energy: Blue Sapphire (intuition, wisdom, truth, focus)

Animal Spirit: Raven (secret knowledge, vision, trickster)

Elements: Fire and Water

Mystic Empath Manuscript

Your Affirmations:

You embrace life with an approach that there is more than what you see. You feel on a deep emotional level the mystery inherent in the universal energies that are at work. Your heart is open and compassionate. You often keep to yourself and retreat into your own experiences. 

A sensitive soul who needs to hide but longs to be seen, your life is filled with dichotomous feelings, paradoxes, and duality. A sense of oneness happens when you merge your emotional self with the world and people around you. Finding community lights up your spirit. 

Your nature is to learn, study, and gather knowledge. A book is never too far away from you and new areas of interest are consistently appearing. You are reliable and dependable. You mean what you say and hold yourself to very high standards.

In addition to being a thinker and an analyzer, you also know how to hold the spiritual experiences of mysticism in your heart. You cannot help but spend your time on the things that are meaningful to you. 

You are drawn towards patterns and systems of thought along with a deep and intuitive understanding of symbology. The way you feel about things is first filtered through your intellect and then reaches your emotional center. 

Mystic Empath Manuscript

You often try to elucidate your feelings through rational explanation, however, learning to embrace the fleeting nebulosity of your sensitivities can help you move into more well-rounded self-acceptance. 

Over time, you come to embody your spiritual experiences and integrate the sacred and the profane into one. This echoes the meaning you find through your relationship with the divine. 

Your actions are devotional and deliberate, rarely do you do anything without thinking it completely through. Your intentionality makes you very considerate as a person. You are able to respond as opposed to being reactionary. The steps you take in life are carefully planned and gently thought out. 

Overall, you are a conscientious person. You avoid taking up too much space, however, you are learning to externalize parts of your rich inner life. Your empathic self is sensitive to criticisms, and you are naturally shy. These sides of you do motivate you towards a certain perfectionism and desire to do things the “right” way. 

As your life unfolds and your experience grows, your wisdom matures and your cautiousness turns to confidence. Embracing your role as an expert helps you espouse and disseminate all of the knowledge you have been accumulating. Once you can stand firm in the total embrace of your skills, abilities, and depth, you start to recognize just how much you really know and how much people may need to hear your story.

Mystic Empath Manuscript

Set yourself up for success as a Mystic Empath

As we get into your in-depth profile, let’s first look at ways to support your self-care. Each archetype has a curated list of what is most resonant and beneficial for their specific empath personality.

You can find more success when you manage your personal boundaries and recognize that you are doing more emotional processing than you might realize. With some basic self-care covered, you are then able to turn your attention towards some of the more nuanced experiences of being a Mystic empath.

Mystic Empath Manuscript

Self-Care Checklist for the Mystic Empath

______1. Consistency: You like things to be predictable. For you, this may mean having a set schedule or time that you do things each day. Embrace this organized side of yourself. Create a daily routine, block scheduling, or anything else that works for you in order to honor what grants you a sense of security.

______2. Home library: Books are right up your alley. Having the written word around you inspires and delights you. Spend time building up your reference and spiritual book collections. This is a comfort as well as a source of motivation for you to keep learning and growing.

______3. Social life: Devote more space to having a social life. Although you enjoy time to yourself, having a social life brings a better sense of balance to your activities. Plus, having people around you, allows you to share your personality with others and helps you build your confidence, let yourself go, and experiment with being more flexible and adaptable.

______4. Meditation: Regular meditation works wonders for you. Consider incorporating an ongoing meditation practice into your daily or weekly schedule. Notice what time of day meditation is most beneficial to your mental wellness.

______5. Style yourself creatively: One way you can get in touch with your passion is to express yourself through your appearance. Staying in touch with the things that inspire and epitomize you is one way to support your confidence and self-care.

Mystic Empath Manuscript

______6. Ideas sharing: You feel most alive when you can share your ideas with others. Find a way to get your thoughts out into the world. It could be through a social media account, a blog, a meeting group, etc.

______7. Spirit activating crystals: Carrying crystals around with you that enhance and cleanse your aura is a great way to stay actively in touch with your spirituality throughout the day. Some crystals that work well for you are angel aura quartz, clear quartz, azurite, blue kyanite, and celestite.

______8. Smoke cleanse: Cleansing your space with herb, incense, or resin smoke is a great way to bring a gentle calm to your environment. You can use scents for various purposes to get you in a mystical or magical mindset.

______9. Be present in the early morning: Consider having an extended morning routine. Giving yourself extra time in the morning to do the things you love, meditate, stretch, drink coffee, etc. allows you a set contemplative space in the day just for yourself.

______10. Check-in with your gut: Your instincts are a powerful tool, and often underutilized by you. Constantly checking in with your gut energies, located just above the navel, at the solar plexus chakra, helps you develop your sense of self. It allows you to express yourself more powerfully and trust your experiences from a place of intuition.

Mystic Empath Manuscript

The Mystic Empath: Personality Profile

Each archetype has their own way of being in the world. Your empathic personality shows up in the ways you live your life day-to-day, relate to others, your career pursuits, and how you find meaning and purpose. 

By understanding how these energies relate to the different areas of life, you can gain more insight into yourself—forming a foundation of self-knowledge. This allows you to feel confidence, empowerment, and healing on your empathic journey. 

Below is your personality profile breakdown. Keep in mind that these are archetypal descriptions sprinkled with advice—always take what resonates with you and leave what doesn’t.

Mystic Empath Manuscript

The Mystic Empath’s daily routines & habits: who you are day-to-day

You approach each day with a sense of consistency and purpose. Your preference is to know what is coming and when. The Mystic Empath enjoys having a set routine and schedule. You are also very predictable with your habits and prefer not to make any major adjustments to how you do things on a whim. Everything you do requires a considerable amount of analysis before you proceed. 

In general, you like to have a little time in the morning just for studying or spiritual practice. If people start contacting you too early in the day, you feel it is an invasion of your personal space. Your personality appreciates many of the social rules of engagement and when people overstep your personal boundaries, it can get under your skin. 

Once a routine has been established as a habit, you are committed. You love to devote yourself to the things you feel are important and place the people, projects, and practices in your life in a place of high importance. When your routine is disrupted, you typically need some space to cope and wrap your head around the change. 

You like to know when you have to be at work or appointments and like to get in at the same time every day to settle in—at least 10 minutes earlier before the actual start time. You always give yourself extra time to get to a place and err on the side of caution when plotting your routes and activities for the day.

Mystic Empath Manuscript

Another area of preparedness is how you approach food, diet, and nutrition. You appreciate a good meal preparation plan and are specific about your diet. You like to be particular about the foods you are putting in your body and may do a lot of research on the production practices of companies. You stick to your routine of when you purchase your food each week, cook it, etc. The control and discipline over this area of life allow you a sense of stability. 

When it comes to making plans with friends, you typically like to have a set meeting date and time in advance. Always educating yourself on things, you incorporate opportunities for learning into your adult life—attending community courses and continuing education and workshops. In addition, you also enjoy having regular meet-ups with friends for specific purposes, classes you take, or groups you are a part of. 

Other things that give you a sense of security from day-to-day are having clearly defined routines for each part of the day. You feel that by doing things a certain way you are less likely to make a mistake or forget to do something on your task list. 

You also tend to schedule things you have to get done on your days off, at which point it is a good idea to remind yourself that it is okay to relax. It can be a challenge for you to fully let go of responsibilities and just settle into a lazy day. 

The way you approach schedules and routines is highly efficient and you stand to accomplish a lot in a day. Keep in mind that it is also helpful to break with routines at times. The disruption gives your mind time to creatively problem solve and engage with your surroundings in new ways. 

Mystic Empath Manuscript

Overall, you like the way you have chosen to structure your life. You are always willing to negotiate with yourself on what is and is not working and make minor adjustments accordingly. The Mystic Empath is a very reasonable personality type. As long as you have space and time for your spiritual practices and studies, you can make a variety of lifestyles work for you.

Mystic Empath Manuscript

The Mystic Empath personality in relationships, love, and friendship

Introduction to your archetype’s personality in relationships

Relationships for you tend to require a lot of energy because of your reserved nature. Spending time with others can be quite draining, even though you really like people, you just prefer things to be low key and low pressure. Others enjoy spending time around you due to your kind and accepting attitude. This creates mutually respectful energy between you and others. 

You like to have a lot of time to feel comfortable opening up with the people you want to get to know better. Vulnerability is something that can be hard for you to access, therefore, you need to know the people you are sharing yourself with are a safe and gracious audience. 

Mystic Empath Manuscript

While you sometimes appreciate socializing in large groups, the desire to do so doesn’t always come naturally for you. This means you often have to motivate yourself to get out and do things. Your introversion means you recharge alone, so if you do not get enough time on your own to replenish your energy, you are at risk of feeling emotionally exhausted. Your preference is to spend one-on-one time with others or in small groups. Overall, you are loyal and very understanding towards the people you are in connection with.

Your archetype’s personality in love

You are a highly attentive lover. The partner you are with gets the benefit of being showered in your love and affection. When you are in a partnership, some of the best sides of your personality are on display; your selfless consideration of others’ feelings is even more apparent. Plus, you get to be in a situation where intimacy can be built allowing you to share more of yourself and be valued by another person. 

You like to have a lot of personal space and room for privacy and your activities even while getting really close to another person. Your preference is not to integrate every aspect of your life with your partner’s. Instead, you like to share certain things together but then still have some of your interests and friends separate from each other. You have a relatively strong independent streak and don’t mind carving out your own life and experiences. You like your partners to have the same. 

You appreciate commitments and structure within your romances. Not the type to date just to date, you are generally looking for a person that you can get into a relationship with. You like the stability and security that come with a defined connection.

Mystic Empath Manuscript

In addition, you do well when the boundaries are clearly laid out and the expectations are discussed and agreed upon.

At the beginning of a connection, you might not articulate exactly what is on your mind. However, given some time, you will start to open up. You have a strong personality and the amount of self-reflection you do allows you an immense amount of insight into your personality. Once you feel comfortable with someone, it becomes much easier for you to express the nuanced layers of your experiences, desires, and feelings. 

Your preference is to be romanced as you want to know the person you are sharing your affection with is outwardly cherishing you in return. This doesn’t mean that you require or even like grand gestures or displays of love, but you do need to know that the person’s heart is in it through their actions. 

Within a partnership, you really start to build into a unit with the person you care about. You want someone you can lay bare your soul to and theirs to yours. Mutual trust is one of the most important things to you in relationships. When trust is present you are able to fully merge emotionally into the connection that is growing together while maintaining your sense of self.

A list of traits the Mystic Empath should look for in a romantic partner

You want someone around who you can feel free to express yourself and your spirituality. Being with someone that is also spiritual and understands your needs typically is the best match for you. So what traits should you look for in a romantic partner? Here is a list of some things that resonate well with the Mystic Archetype!

Mystic Empath Manuscript

Someone who...

Your archetype’s personality in friendship

When it comes to your personality in friendship, you are often the one people go to for information. Amongst your friends, you’ve earned quite a reputation as someone with a lot of knowledge. You do like being in this role, but sometimes feel that your sensitive side gets overlooked as you lead with your intellect. 

You are slow to develop friends, but once you have passed that awkward get-to-know someone stage, you are a friend for life. People know the perspective you share is sound. You are also very open and inviting, therefore, you could end up being friends with people that misalign with your values. 

Mystic Empath Manuscript

Over time, you come to be more discerning about who is deserving of your attention in friendships. 

Generally, not one to attend a lot of busy or loud events, you much prefer having low-key gatherings at home where you can talk and exchange stories while sharing each other’s company. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you never attend parties, it just isn’t always your top activity to do with friends. Befriending people who also like easy-going and small get-togethers is your preference.

You like to have a spiritual community of people or at least a mentor you can spend time with. These relationships are very sacred to you and having someone to ask questions and dive into the depths and layers of your spirituality is very important to you. 

Reaching out to find your spiritual people happens slowly and is something you long for; it is one of the few areas of life where you might show impatience. This could lead you to enter into dynamics with friend-mentors that are not always the healthiest for your empathic soul. Using good judgment is essential when getting into these complex types of relationships. 

Overall when it comes to friends you tend to have a few very good and long-term friendships. You are expressive around people you can trust and feel at ease sharing your unique and often niche interests with those who have known you for a while.

Who the Mystic Empath is drawn to in friendship

You learn to be choosier about what draws you into a friendship over time. Finding people that share your perspectives can make a big difference to your self-esteem. 

Mystic Empath Manuscript

If you are always around people that nay-say your spirituality or beliefs, it can start to put a damper on your soul. Being more open to making friends with outwardly spiritual people can be a good thing for you. 

You are drawn towards people that are deep thinkers and like to analyze things. Personality traits that you appreciate are people who are devoted to their values, patient, and polite. You like to be around people who are just as selfless as you are.

The Mystic Empath’s compatibility with other Empath Archetypes in friendships

Empath archetypes that vibe well with your energy are:

These archetypes are all very practical personalities, which is something you deeply appreciate. They are also all dedicated to their truths and learning as much as they can. You easily get along with the methodical and deliberate character traits of the Alchemist and Goddess Empath. You also appreciate people who are careful and discerning, which are traits you admire in the Healer Empath.

Mystic Empath Manuscript

The Mystic Empath personality in family dynamics

As you read this section keep the following in mind:

- Family can be chosen.

- Your situation is unique to you and every aspect of your life cannot be covered in a single archetype.

- Family roles are variable and not necessarily gender-specific.

Your archetype’s personality within the family

Growing up you probably had a reputation as the intellectual or bookish one in the family. You may have been an introspective child, picking up on a lot more than the adults around you probably realized. 

Mystic Empath Manuscript

As an empath, you recognize more than just the information that is being exchanged. You also sense the emotions, unspoken experiences, and expectations of others. 

Your approach to life would have been serious and determined. As you entered into your teens and adulthood, you found a way to ease up on yourself, but the intense seeking for meaning in life remained with you. You could have felt connected to certain relatives, finding solace in their individuation process. 

Siblings or your immediate family may have boxed you into particular categories and you spent some of your formative years trying to decide if you actually fit into those roles or not. When you figure out who you are as an individual, you are able to differentiate yourself and follow your own path in life.

The Mystic Empath as a parent

Feel free to flex the concept of ‘parent’ to your situation when reading this section.

You are likely to have an empathic child or children just like yourself. Sensitive souls tend to find each other in the universe. If and when you decide to have children, it is often later in life, so you feel secure in your choice and ability to plan. You apply precision to parenting just as you do other areas of life while also being encouraging and thoughtful towards your children. Your children will accept you for you and you will accept them the way they are. 

You are a gracious parent. You value education and learning, spending a lot of effort and resources to get your kids into activities that will help them grow. 

Mystic Empath Manuscript

In addition, you incorporate spiritual and cultural elements into their upbringing, so they are well-rounded and understand the diverse world they live in. Accessible quality education, sound values, and community are some of the most important areas you pay attention to when it comes to raising your kids. 

In conclusion, your life path might involve devoting yourself to your work or research and you may choose not to have kids. Remaining childfree, you might feel that you have more space for other areas of commitment related to religious, spiritual, and community involvement.

Mystic Empath Manuscript

The Mystic Empath's personality at work

Empaths need to be aware of what work environments and type of work best suits their unique personalities. Being prepared with this knowledge can assist you in living your best life.

Your workplace habits and needs

When it comes to work, just like in other areas of your life, you take a highly organized approach. You don’t like to be overstimulated with noise or multitasking. Work that is narrowly focused on one topic is ideal for you. Completing tasks one at a time is preferred; you are thorough and mindful of the work you are producing. 

Working conditions that give you the option to plan are best for you. A set start and end time are preferred as you like to know you can fit in your other activities around your work commitments. 

Mystic Empath Manuscript

You also like to know what to expect each day, therefore, any work that is too unpredictable is typically avoided by you. At work, you are efficient and present. You take your work responsibilities seriously. 

It can be a challenge for you to stand up to others or perceived authorities, even when you may want to. For this reason, it is a good idea to avoid toxic work situations where you may be taken advantage of.

You don’t mind working on your own or minimally with others. In fact, it's often your preference to have time to sort, file, and catalog things the way you want. For all of your stability at work, however, you still need the subject matter to interest you. If you have a topic you like, you can spend hours on it. If it is something that disinterests you, then this requires much more of your energy stores to engage yourself in work.

There are moments when you mindlessly complete tasks, but you always get your work done. Deadlines and structure keep you motivated, and you do tend to stay in positions for many years. Your ability to take action can be hindered by concern for the potential consequences if you were to leave a stable career situation. 

Overall at work, you need a sense of security and direction in your work. It is important to you that you maintain a deep curiosity about the content and subject matter of the work itself. When you have a task laid out in front of you, you need to know you have the tools to complete the tasks effectively.

Best work environments for your archetype

Ideal workplaces for you include environments where you have the silence you need to focus on the details. 

Mystic Empath Manuscript

You are great at organizing data and information so working on a computer or in an office or laboratory works well for you. In addition, you tend to be a good record keeper and digital communicator, so spaces that require the use of technology can also be something you are comfortable with. 

You like to be surrounded by books and typically have an encyclopedic knowledge of your field. Settings, where you are able to access rare manuscripts, books, and other content, tend to be very exciting for you. Specialty or research libraries, universities, and similar institutions are the work environments you are drawn towards.

Laboratories, especially related to social sciences, are also spaces that you find success in. You have the ability to be myopic in your focus and truly get into a topic and all the detailed understanding that can come from such work. 

You are also a deeply spiritual person and can find comfort in being in religious institutions for a work setting. Work that allows you to share your spiritual training with others allows you to find peace and surrender in life’s ups and downs.

  1. Research library
  2. Religious and spiritual institutions
  3. University
  4. Office
  5. Laboratory
Possible career paths for your archetype

The Mystic Empath likes to make their passion for learning a part of their career if possible. You will often go into fields that require a high level of education and research-focused types of work. 

Mystic Empath Manuscript

You enjoy helping others by disseminating truth, specifically spiritual truths. In addition, you are open and accommodating to how other people choose to worship, believe, and grapple with the mysteries of being. This makes you well suited for a job as a chaplain that works with a variety of people, as you can incorporate each individual's faith and needs into the care you are providing. 

Your love of research also makes you well suited towards careers that allow you the opportunity to spend all day with your nose in a book. The humanities and the social sciences tend to be where your interests land. The Mystic Empath loves to piece together a mystery and weave a story that spans generations. You love to tie things up and bring concepts into succinct clarity. 

If you have an independent streak, you may forge your own spiritual career path. This may include writing self-help, spiritual, or other types of books. It may also lead you to create your own business as a mentor or spiritual advisor. Curriculum development and pedagogy may also be of interest to you.

You have leadership qualities, but it can take a lot of confidence-building for you to get to the point of embracing that side of yourself. Taking promotions or positions that require more of your problem-solving skills, judgment, and decision-making all help bolster the trust you have in yourself to make choices for the good of everyone.

Your personality also does well as a practitioner where you get to work individually with people. You are able to be a people person in small doses, so having a few clients you see in a day is manageable for you. Being an astrologer or numerologist, for example, is a great career choice for you as it requires technical skill and intuition about an individual's life path. 

Mystic Empath Manuscript

You can hold space for others with practice, opening up the energetic exchange to listen and support the client’s emotional and lived experiences through a practical, realistic, and spiritual lens. 

Finally, the Mystic Empath can also make a career in science work as well. You have an innately investigative mind which is ideal in this field. Also, you are able to convey and share on topics, which means being a science teacher or instructor is also a way to use these skills

Some career fields that may suit you as a Mystic Empath include:

- Professor
- Academic
- Researcher
- Religious clergy
- Chaplain 
- Spiritual teacher
- Spiritual advisor
- Philosopher
- Linguist
- Anthropologist
- Historian
- Art historian 
- Curriculum development  
- Astrologer 
- Numerologist

Mystic Empath Manuscript

- Scientist 
- Librarian
- Data analyst 
- Political scientist 
- Religious leader
- Teacher
- Medium

Practical tips for how to set career goals

When it comes to setting career goals, it is important for you to remember that you can always change your mind. If you feel suffocated in a job, vitality slowly starts to feel like it is draining out of you. Keeping your options open can help solve the scenario. In addition, it can be hard for you to decide what direction you want to take your career in. 

Your journey typically involves some spiritual self-discovery, and as you unfurl the layers of yourself, your gifts, and your talents, you start to pinpoint better what type of career would work best for you. Also keep in mind that your career and what you do with your life or your sense of purpose can remain separate, and often do at various times throughout your life.

Here are some questions to keep in mind for yourself when picking or changing careers. Does this field allow me to . . .

1) Study topics in-depth?
2) Have a set schedule and expectations?

Mystic Empath Manuscript

3) Focus on details?
4) Incorporate a spiritual element?
5) Allow for deep, meaningful inquiry?
6) Help others on their spiritual path or find spiritual comfort?
7) Assess topics in context across time and history?
8) Share what I know with others?

Mystic Empath Manuscript

Mystic Empath’s spiritual path to meaning

As an inherently spiritual person, you invest a lot of yourself into this area of life. Many hours are spent contemplating the meaning and purpose of existence. You empathically connect to the Universe and feel things on a deep soul level. This divine energy is so important to you that you often shape much of your choices around it.

You don’t only find meaning in existence in and of itself but also like to look into mystical paths and what they have discovered as a way of furthering your study and practices. Often, you prefer to experience your spirituality in solitude but do sometimes join in groups—either way, you tend to always have your own thing going on. 

Whether you grew up religious or non-religious, you still look into the past at the spiritual roots of your ancestors. You like to place yourself in time and space and see the bigger picture of how religion and belief have shaped culture and society. 

Your own personal path tends to be eclectic based on your personal values and convictions. You tend to seek out a mentor and stick with this person for years of your life, gathering wisdom and studying fervently under the guidance of this experienced teacher. 

As you grow and gain in your own personal wisdom, you eventually can recognize when it is time for you to take on the role of the teacher as well. You might even take on students of your own at some point, especially if you have chosen to study spirituality in a particular tradition.

Mystic Empath Manuscript

Spiritual and Psychological concepts for you to explore

Mysticism: Mystical traditions often appeal to you, especially ones that require years of deep dedication and study. You like to understand the philosophies and practices as they allow you to engage in the ecstatic and experiential elements of having a connection to the divine.

Jungian Psychology: This is a form of psychology that takes into account the layers of the psyche. Through the process of individuation, one begins to make the unconscious aspects of themselves conscious. As a therapeutic technique Jungian psychology is called analytical psychology, a method that looks at dreams, archetypes, and symbolism all playing out through the life of the individual. These concepts are then put into a cohesive analysis to understand the current state of one’s soul and how one goes about finding meaning in their existence.

Kundalini Yoga: This is a form of yoga that incorporates a variety of techniques including meditation, chanting, breathing, singing, and movement. There are multiple approaches and schools of practice for this type of yoga. It is heavy in its spiritual components.

Mystic Empath Manuscript

How to find the spirituality that works for you

Discernment in your spiritual exploration is recommended. As you are someone who likes to be very thorough in your approach to things, you want to be conscious of how much energy you are dedicating to something that might be just a passing interest. Although there is nothing wrong with research and learning, being spread too thin in your spiritual studies can take away from your ability to experience the depth you are seeking. 

You are naturally drawn to mystery traditions, the occult, the esoteric, and hidden wisdom. This innate curiosity guides you towards the divine relationship that calls to you. Your heart in line with your mind gives you the foresight you need to determine which direction you should be heading in. Learning to trust your intuition around spiritual matters is essential to find what you need to feel spiritually fulfilled.

Mystic Empath Manuscript

How spiritual practice can help you manage your emotions

Your spiritual self-expression is intensely important to your identity. You often relate very strongly to the spiritual communities you are participating in. This is a huge part of how you anchor yourself and how you teach yourself to manage your emotions. 

If you are on a mystical path for example that stresses compassion, you will filter your feelings through this lens. For this reason, your spiritual practices will have an impact on how you hold and process your feelings. If you know for example, that you would like to get better at managing your anxiety, then you might incorporate spiritual mindfulness practices into your daily life. If you are trying to generate more life force, self-acceptance, and passion for doing the things that you love then you might undergo training in spiritual paths that focus on generating energy through ecstatic practices. 

Overall, the way you incorporate your spiritual path into your life will directly influence how you handle your emotions. The spiritual worldview you cloak yourself in is one of your ultimate support systems.

Mystic Empath Manuscript

How to find your purpose as a Mystic Empath: 
reading the signs

Developing your gifts

Your life’s journey involves finding your courage to share with others. It feels more comfortable for you to be a wallflower in many ways, and there is nothing wrong with being introverted. However, part of your path is also to show the world who you are. For this reason, you are being called to find a way to express these more hidden, hermit-like sides of yourself. 

There are many ways to share your abilities using your empathic skills as your strength. Your heightened sensitivity to the Universe’s energy gives you powerful insights and your attention to detail allows you to state your observations with profound accuracy. You can write, teach, lecture, create content, mentor, and so much more.

Connect with the Artist archetype: How to find and do what you love

When you have access to your inner passion and drive, you are better able to express yourself in the world. Getting in touch with the Artist archetype is one such character that allows you to understand better what inspires you. This is the free spirit who has learned how to hone their talents into something tangible. 

The Artist brings their inner vision into form. When you understand your inner artist, you are much better able to know what it is you will love to do. By learning what makes you light up you can find the people you are meant to meet and interact with.

Mystic Empath Manuscript

How to meet the Artist archetype: A visualization exercise

Here is an exercise for meeting the Artist archetype. You will need some materials as listed below and about 15 minutes for this exercise.



1. Gather your materials and find a comfortable place to work.
2. Set an alarm for 60 seconds.
3. Close your eyes and begin breathing slowly and deeply until the end of the 60 seconds.
4. Then open your eyes.
5. Pick up one of your colored pencils and draw a large circle on the page.
6. Set another alarm; this time for 5 minutes.
7. Begin drawing inside the circle.
8. Choose any colors.
9. Let yourself free draw, try not to overthink what you are doing.
10. Be spontaneous and let your stream of consciousness flow through your pencils. 11. Let things overlap, scribble, anything that comes to mind.
12. Listen to when the timer goes off.
13. Now set down your pencil.

Mystic Empath Manuscript

14. Close your eyes and meditate, contemplating what you just drew.
15. Notice if any messages come to you; if nothing comes that is fine as well.
16. Open your eyes and observe your work. 
17. What has your inner artist shared with you today?
18. Analyze and look past the quality of the work, instead, look at its soul or essence. 19. There is a message there for you, about your path, your future, and your present self.
20. Repeat this exercise anytime you feel distanced from your passion and need a reminder of why it is you do what you do.

Mystic Empath Manuscript

Life Purpose: Putting it all together

The idea of a life purpose is broad. Your existence is purposeful as it is, you are enough. That said, having a goal to orient yourself towards helps you stay focused on the things that are meaningful to you. 

For this reason, making space in your life for your purpose allows you to reach deeper fulfillment in your experiences. Expressing your gifts gives you a sense of direction, it helps you stay motivated, passionate, and resonates with the things you are doing and the way you are spending your time. It aids you in your path as a Mystic Empath, helping you grow and develop in who you are.

Mystic Empath Manuscript

Practical rituals for the Mystic Empath

In this section, practical suggestions are provided that you can utilize for your Empath archetype. These suggestions are general to the Mystic Empath so modify them to suit your specific needs and situation.

What does it mean to have practical rituals as an empath?

Applying what you know to your lived experiences can make all the difference. By incorporating practical methods into your day-to-day choices you can start to manage your life with precision. This can help you not only understand who you are as a person but also help you harness your potential and skills around emotional intelligence. 

Your empathic toolbox can be full of ideas to cope, process, set boundaries, and the like. Having a collection of methods that you know will work for you assists you in navigating the daily emotional tide of being a Mystic Empath.

Start by creating the right surroundings for your archetype

Studies have shown that color, music, and lighting can impact a person’s mood. For example, medical offices use calming tones of blues and greens to help ease the experience of patients. In addition, these are also energetically healing colors, so they may improve a patient’s recovery.

The subconscious mind picks up on everything, including the subtle unseen waves of feelings and moods. Therefore, it is important to take note of this, so you can curate spaces in which you can fully relax. 

Mystic Empath Manuscript

Creating the right surroundings for yourself is an act of self-love. While you cannot always make things exactly as you want them, you can try when time and space allow.

As the Mystic Empath, you do best when you can surround yourself with comfort items. You like to have things around you that create a cozy environment. Cushiony chairs, natural wood, and warm tones tend to be the spaces that make for the best energies for you to enjoy your self-care.

Things for you to keep in mind:

  1. Alone time: Ensure you have enough time carved out of each week for you. It is important that you have at least some space—even if it is just 5 or 10 minutes regularly—to tune into yourself, your feelings, and your moods for improved self-care and awareness.
  2. Candles: Fire has a big impact on your mood. Having a lot of candles around or a daily ritual of candle lighting should be something to consider incorporating into your self-care routines.
  3. Journaling: Having several journals around you to record your experiences helps you plan better for your self-care. If you write down what works and what doesn’t and review, you can more precisely start to tailor the things you need into your environment.

Mystic Empath Manuscript

Aesthetic suggestions

Best colors to wear or surround yourself with:

Mystic Empath Manuscript

Best metals and gemstones to surround yourself with:

Mystic Empath Manuscript

The Mystic Empath Archetype Tool Kit

1. Guided meditation script for the Mystic Empath

This meditation was crafted specifically for your empath archetype. If you want, you can record the meditation using your own voice and playing it back for yourself. Use this practice when you feel untethered and need a way to call yourself back into your power and life force.

Mystic Empath Manuscript

Mystic Empath Manuscript

2. List of affirmations to empower your empath archetype

Affirmations are a great way to bring a shift in mindset, helping you move your perception at a subconscious level. Here are some affirmations for your archetype. You can repeat one or several of these daily, while you are driving, or cooking a meal.

One great technique for the Mystic Empath is to write one down on a piece of paper and tape it to your mirror so you see it as you get ready for your day.

Mystic Empath Manuscript

3. List of alternative healing methods and wellness practices

Always discuss treatments specifically to you with your physician or practitioners. 

Here are some healing methods that might work for you:

  1. Float tanks
  2. Spas and bathouses
  3. Mindfulness
  4. Reiki and energy healing
  5. Massage
  6. Hot yoga
  7. Prayer, mantras, chanting

Mystic Empath Manuscript

Healing methods and wellness practices that incorporate more warmth into your life are recommended; this could be through hot yoga, bathhouses, steam rooms, and even massage. Moving the energy through your body in this way increases your life force and centers you in the physical body. 

Your mind is one of your most powerful tools. The internal monologue that you have going on within yourself can have a profound effect on how you feel about life. For this reason, prayer, mantras, and chanting can help program you towards the mindsets you want to have. These practices can help you frame your life and circumstances on the terms you want. 

Sensory deprivation through float tanks can also be a very relaxing and healing experience for you. A float tank is a dark tank filled with saltwater. The saltwater makes you float, and the silence and darkness of the tank minimize distraction and perception. They can help clear you, calm your nervous system, and allow you to rest in a low stimulus altered state. 

Finally, energy healing, especially reiki, can be beneficial to you. You can find appreciation for this approach and benefit from chakra clearing and alignment. Your subtle senses pick up on the healing that can occur from an experienced practitioner of this method.

4. Divination tools for the Mystic Empath’s self-reflection

Divination tools are a great way for empaths to dive into the energy currents of their lives. You can excavate the archetypal themes that are playing out in the present moment as you tap into the collective wells of psychic wisdom. 

Mystic Empath Manuscript

Keeping a journal of your divinatory insights over time can reveal a lot about where you have been and where you are going on your path. It supports your accuracy as an intuitive and lends you a glimpse into how things are connected. You can then reflect on what you have learned and come into a closer examination of your own psyche. 

Divine Oracle Decks

You are naturally adept at hearing universal truths and messages. Oracle cards, especially ones with imagery that uses angels, ascended masters, goddesses, and other deities or the divine, are all decks that are likely to resonate with your energy. You can perform readings for yourself or others and might even be the one amongst your family or friends who is asked to tune in and retrieve messages using these card pulls. 

Another option is to do a daily card pull devotional for insights into the day’s spiritual forecast. Knowing the energetic weather for the day can support you in rooting into your intuitive guidance when you need it. An oracle deck can link you in with the unseen forces that work behind the scenes in your and other people’s lives. A connection to this knowledge helps improve your psychic vision.

Reading Candles

Candle reading is a form of divination that will let you know if a candle that you light with a specific intention will come to fruition or not. Reading the way the wick lights, the direction the wax drips, the strength of the flame, and so on can inform you of what energy is behind it. There are various ways to read these signs. 

Mystic Empath Manuscript

Consider exploring this topic further and researching what candle reading methods resonate with you. When you want to know the outcome of a ritual you performed, a candle can be a very supportive tool in the process.

Stream of Consciousness Writing

Sometimes intuitive or psychic messages can come to you swiftly through the act of stream of consciousness writing. This process involves writing whatever comes to mind without stopping to assess or analyze the writing. Ideally, the words are coming out before you have time to premeditate on them. If you have a question and want to look at it through oracular foresight, then this divination technique may work for you. 

After you move into a somewhat altered state for writing, you can then read through the messages that came through and see if anything relates to the question you stated before getting started. In addition, you can also use this process as a way to journal and see what is on your subconscious mind day-to-day.

5. Practical Boundaries: energy vampires and energetic protection

The topic of boundaries is very important to all empaths, who tend to face challenges in developing healthy relationship structures due to their accommodating personalities. You may choose not to prioritize your own needs in the hopes of pleasing another person or out of fear that you will upset them if you assert your desires in a situation. 

Mystic Empath Manuscript

This can stem from an underlying concern that they won’t like you or that the people in your life will disapprove of you. As a sensitive soul, this can be very hard on you and in order to avoid these unpleasant feelings, it leads to people-pleasing tendencies and poor boundaries. However, there are ways you can manage this experience, which will be discussed in this section.

Energy Vampires:

Some people in your life could be described as having energy vampire-like behaviors. They end up taking your energy and are unable to give in return, or the relationship is energetically non-mutual. This can leave you vulnerable to being taken advantage of as energy-vampire people are often starved for affection, love, and care and you like to give these things to others. 

Keep in mind though, that it is not your sole responsibility to fulfill the needs of those around you or individuals who are toxic, harmful, or abusive towards you—or just individuals who you choose not to engage with just because you don’t want to.


Boundaries are a good way to ensure that you are also getting what you need out of a relationship, job situation, and the like. Setting boundaries provides you with more self-empowerment and can help you overcome feelings of fear, guilt, and shame that you might feel when you assert yourself or express your needs and opinions.

Protecting yourself from toxic energies is important in order for you to maintain your personal power, sovereignty, and sense of self. It is recommended to have systems in place that can help you manage your boundaries and energetic self-protection. 

Mystic Empath Manuscript

Here are some suggestions for managing boundaries:

1. Steps to honor your true feelings

Honoring your experience can take practice for the Mystic Empath. Your accommodating nature often leads you to go to extraordinary measures to support someone else, which can be at the expense of your own needs and desires. 

By remaining true to your feelings and knowing what those feelings are moment-to-moment, you stand a better chance at navigating experiences with you in your center. Even if at times it is alright to be selfless and see things from other people’s point of view, it is also important to be mindful of toxic relationship dynamics that could or have developed. Remember to . . .

Remember to:

Mystic Empath Manuscript

2. Develop a variety of personas

Everyone has different masks that they put on for a variety of reasons. In a way, any persona you muster or are using, is a version of you, even if it is not your most dominant self. Consider having a variety of personas or masks that you put on to confront situations. Like putting on a coat, you are dressing for the emotional weather.

If it is going to be a day when you need a lot of strength to confront difficult people, imagine that you are layering yourself in all the energies and character traits that allow you access to any side of yourself that you might need. If you have to be more fluid in your personality for an event or self-expressive, consider how you can cloak yourself in the traits that let these parts of yourself shine. You can always change it up, alter perceptions, and get creative with your personas.

3. Be more selective

You see past people’s external selves and see straight into their pure spirit. You tend to hold deep compassion for others and are highly sensitive to the fact that everyone has been through things. In your heart, you know that a person’s story often has a lot to do with how they behave. With this in mind, though, you sometimes shower people with so much graciousness that you let toxic people get too close to you. 

You let people in, even those that have no business being a part of your inner circle. Be more selective in who gets access to these sides of yourself. Be choosy. It is okay to love people from afar. As an empath, you have to protect yourself from those that don’t deserve to know all of you. Your energy is precious and not everyone needs to be a full recipient of it.

Mystic Empath Manuscript

4. Learn about different attachment styles

As someone who appreciates research, facts, and data, information on attachment theory and the different styles might be of use to you. There are four main types of relationship attachment styles. Understanding which types of attachments you are drawn to, the psychological effects of these types of dynamics, and what they mean can all lend you incredible amounts of insight into your relationships. 

They can be applied to any of your connections—including with lovers, colleagues, friends, and family members. Armed with this knowledge, you can then gain a clearer picture of why things are playing out the way they are, especially if you are in a toxic relationship with a narcissistic, toxic, or manipulative person.

6. Practical Ideas for grounding and managing stress and anxiety

Your daily emotional experience might be accompanied by frayed nerves or a sensation that you are being submerged in nervous excitement. Grounding exercises can help you get through patches of anxiety and stress. The concept of grounding involves bringing your awareness back into the present moment, moving through emotions, and centering yourself in your physical body. 

The Mystic Empath needs to ground into the energetic signature of the planet. Your expansive spiritual mindset can leave you feeling separate from your body. When you feel distant from physical reality, you find yourself feeling untethered from the here and now, and maybe even find it hard to focus on the things you want to be devoting your energy to. 

Mystic Empath Manuscript

In addition, your emotional processing often leaves you quite drained by the end of the day. A lot of life force goes to deciphering your boundaries from others. You might go to the store feeling fine and then return home in a poor mood. Your boundaries are naturally porous and easily allow in the unseen psychic emotions of others. This can lead to a sense of impending doom, anxiety, stress, or tension from others in addition to any of these feelings you have on your own accord. 

Learning how to process when you are absorbing emotions from others is an important piece of managing your sensitivity. Consistent grounding techniques and setting up energetical and actual boundaries are ways in which you can protect yourself from the daily bombardment of emotional runoff that exists in your surroundings.

Here are some grounding methods to be aware of for your specific archetype:

1. Routines

The Mystic Empath likes their routines. This is one way you stay present, by knowing what you can anticipate. Find a sense of boundaries by rooting into a daily routine. Create positive habits around the things that you want to accomplish and do on a regular basis. Set goals and find a way to make a little space each week towards those intentions. When you have things you are working towards and a set idea of how you will get there, then you have a better chance at staying grounded in your body, mind, and spirit.

Mystic Empath Manuscript

2. Breathwork

Breathwork is a form of patterned breathing that can be practiced for well-being, clarity, stress reduction, and more. Slowing and controlling your breathing can help support reducing blood pressure if you are feeling high-strung. It can also ease anxiety by helping you move your energy around through your breathing. 

There is also a highly spiritual element to breathwork if you choose to engage with it in this way; shifting into deeper or altered states of consciousness. You can use these techniques to connect with the spirit of the Earth and help you link in with the webs of consciousness that make up the planet. This brings you into a greater sense of alignment with your own physical body and purpose in your human experience, along with an overall attitude of peace.

3. Meals and nutrition

One of the best ways for you to ground is to ensure you are eating dense and/or regular meals. Comfort foods help center you. They reduce your anxiety and give you a sense of weightedness that allows your emotions a place to settle. Consider paying more attention to when your moods shift, or you get cranky and if this may be related to your diet.

7. Practical Exercises for understanding your moods and emotions

Getting to know yourself as an empath is strengthened when you have a deeper understanding of the ebb and flow of your feelings. 

Mystic Empath Manuscript

Tracking your moods on a regular basis and taking note of what might trigger a change in your temperament can be extremely insightful.

The Mystic Empath tends to retreat into their mind when feelings are overwhelming or intense. You might dissociate as a way to intellectualize and rationalize what you are experiencing. In addition, you could look for a reframe at times and avoid seeing things for how they truly are. 

Avoid feeling pressured to be positive to the point of it becoming toxic positivity. It is okay to feel bad if you are feeling bad or upsetting things are taking place. The most important thing to remember is to honor your feelings as they are and for what they are. Emotions are fleeting—this is a sure thing—so remembering their temporal energy can help you be present with them as they are happening. Knowing the truth of your emotions can only lead to a deepening understanding of self and a strengthened awareness of who you are. 

Here are some techniques you can use to understand yourself:

1. Talk therapy

A great method for you to become involved with is talk therapy, psychoanalysis, or other forms of counseling. Having an outside provider to help you gain perspective gives you a look into often uncharted aspects of your emotions. They can help you keep track of how things impact you and how you manage your feelings. Plus there are many different methods for getting into the layers of your psyche and processing relationships, bonding methods, childhood, and more.

Mystic Empath Manuscript

2. Astrology natal chart reading

Having a birth chart analysis can be extremely insightful. More than just a Sun sign, each planet was in a zodiac sign at the time of your birth. So you’ll have a Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars sign, and more. Each component of a chart provides information for how you have chosen to come into this life and the elemental and energetic essence of who you are. 

Get to know your Moon sign in particular, which is symbolic of how your body and spirit are best nurtured. By having this information, you will understand what you can integrate into your daily life for better self-care and self-knowledge. 

You can come to understand that the roles in life you take on are necessary, and even though they are not the most spontaneous and wild, they are extremely valuable. Astrology helps one see the beauty and specialties of each zodiac sign's purpose and characteristics.

3. Crystal, animal, and plant symbolism

Another way to get to know yourself is to research the meaning of the symbolism behind the crystals, animals, and plants that you are drawn towards. There is a reason that certain things call to you. The more you listen to the utterances of the Universe, the more likely you will start to encounter the same symbols, images, and messages.

There is a ton of information out there on correspondences. So if you, for example, start to hear a crow caw every morning, then find a crow feather on your walk to work, and then dream about a crow—that's a lot of evidence that this archetype is trying to get your attention. 

Mystic Empath Manuscript

Research the symbolism around the crow, or whatever imagery is coming up for you. 

The things that speak to you are also a part of you. In this way, you can embody and embrace the spirit of these things and understand what currents of energy you are emotionally and spiritually processing or working through.

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8. Practical Mystic Empath A to Z: sometimes it’s the little things . . .

a) Practice mindfulness.
b) Slow down and take your time.
c) Reduce the pressure you put on yourself.
d) Collect more experiences. 
e) Devote more time to having fun.
f) Let your passion guide you.
g) Deepen your relationships. 
h)  Wear a tiger’s eye necklace.
i)  Drink healing and herbal teas.
j)  Organize your library. 
k)  Reduce digital clutter. 
l)  Create rituals around your routines.
m)  Avoid overbooking yourself.
n)  Research and learn as much as you can.
o)  Ask people to teach you.
p)  Find ways to be more expressive.
q)  Do chakra meditation alignments.
r)  Regularly clear the energy in your living space.
s)  Do daily devotions or oracle card pulls.
t)  Find a community of like-minded people.
u)  Participate in workshops and classes.

Mystic Empath Manuscript

v)  Take an interest in community events.
w)  Journal regularly.
x)  Eat the foods you love more often.
y)  Don’t always have an agenda. 
z)  Spend time in nature regularly.

Mystic Empath Manuscript

Finding your joy in being a Mystic Archetype

The Mystic Empath is on a journey of self-unfoldment. You are on the path of divine knowing and learning to trust in this life laid out in front of you. It will not always be easy, but your relentless pursuit of the truth will emerge in the form of wisdom as a result. While it will not always seem obvious at the moment, when you look back, you will be able to view just how much understanding you have gained. 

The teachers you meet along the way, whether they are actual mentors or just experiences, are all valuable to your growth. You are connected to the Universe; you are spiritually inclined and know a deeper meaning exists in all that you do. You pick up on what is present, the lessons, and the hidden symbolism. 

Your mentors become important friends to you and help you construct a community of people who can exchange ideas and share spiritual perspectives. You are helpful and devoted to the people in your life and find your joy in seeing the people you know also spiritually fulfilled. 

Mystic Empath Manuscript

Life for you is like a library, you amass books and knowledge. You can share your viewpoints through writing, creativity, music, art, and more. Being respected and appreciated for what you bring to the table brings you great joy. Seeing other people light up at the same things that make you light up fuels your passion. 

When you are connected to the thread of your life force you are able to accomplish many amazing things. As you stay connected to the Universal flow, you feel united with the center of all being and all that is. This is what motivates you to stay tuned in to your feelings which live at the heart of who you are. Your empathic connection to the divine informs all of your life and all of your actions.

Mystic Empath Manuscript

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