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Copyright 2020 – Ricardo Martínez

Ilustratd by: Anais Vaillant

THE THREE GIFTS - www.acceptancetechnique.com


Since I was a child, I remember being aware of a world different from the physical one; I also had sensitivity to that energetic world we call spiritual. These gifts helped me see that my purpose in life had to do with the awakening of people's consciousness, contributing to helping them to a better quality of life with less pain and a higher level of happiness.

Over the years, this led me on a journey of teaching, creating courses, systems, and self-help materials for people to awaken their consciousness and achieve their purpose in life with a higher level of peace, enjoyment, and harmony.

With the help of earthly teachers and the guidance of spiritual masters, I was able to gain the clarity to move forward in my own life. I gained greater wisdom on how to continue contributing to a better quality of life for others. This is how the Acceptance Technique was born, which today I still use and share with many people in different countries to awaken their consciousness of love, peace, and happiness.

I'm passionate about what I do. Through my teachings of the Acceptance Technique, I continue contributing to the collective awakening of people and embarking on this journey towards a destiny where peace, love, well-being, and happiness will prevail.

Ricardo Martínez
Acceptance Technique Founder

THE THREE GIFTS - www.acceptancetechnique.com


Anima blinked. It didn't feel like her bed, and she was sure that this wasn't her home. Although she didn't recognize the place, she didn't feel fear or despair, quite the opposite.

A light cloaked her, making her feel warm and hopeful. When she opened her eyes, Anima thought that the beautiful light was the sun, giving her a feeling of well-being that filled her soul. It was the perfect morning to learn more about herself and the world around her.

Her mind was wrapped in a strange fog as if she had no previous memories, but at the same time, she remembered everything. A family was waiting for her somewhere, but at the same time, she couldn't put names or faces to those she loved.

She tried to remember, but for some reason, she couldn't focus until reaching a point where she told herself that it wasn't worth torturing herself by reviving the idea. It seemed a natural fact that some part of herself accepted as necessary. It was clear that Anima had to begin her journey, or she would be forever stuck. She began to walk.

Anima was surprised to realize that she was standing in the middle of a long path; the sensation of lying down shifted from being on her back to her feet; it was solid ground, at least what kept her attached to reality. She wasn't sure how she had gotten there but knew that somehow, fate had led her to that road.

After walking for several hours, she felt something tugging at her heartstrings. The first test was near, and Anima had to concentrate and strive to overcome it.

A thick fog began to surround her, and within seconds, Anima couldn't even see a few meters in front of her nose. The light no longer embraced her. She was alone.

She breathed in softly, pushing away the fear that threatened to take control of her heart, and continued moving forward until she saw a massive rock formation growing like a shadowy vine into the sky.

THE THREE GIFTS - www.acceptancetechnique.com

She began to climb, holding tightly to the boulders that continued to appear over her head. She had never climbed anything so steep before. It was a high mountain, and as she got higher and higher, the temperature dropped at a rapid pace.

Soon, Anima began to shiver, her body ached, and her breathing became more agitated. Her muscles burned, and she was sure her arms would stop responding at any moment. Had she ever faced a similar challenge before? She wasn't sure. This test would bring out her greatest physical effort.

She pursed her lips and continued climbing, determined to reach the top, no matter how much it would cost or hurt. Nothing in life worthwhile was free or easy to obtain. An effort made the achievements more significant and rewarding.

However, hours began to slip by with a desperate slowness. Anima sobbed in anguish, feeling she couldn't move another inch. Her body burned from head to toe, her limbs trembled so badly that it seemed impossible to move toward the top, and the pain that covered her made her feel as if she was about to die.

For a moment, Anima was sure that she had failed, that there was no way to finish that task. On that lonely mountain, she would die right there, abandoned and isolated for all eternity, with no one to turn to for help.

But there was a tiny fiber in her being that wouldn't allow her to give up, no matter how much it hurt. Anima was in pain. She wanted to stop and rest but knew that if she allowed herself that, she would never start that path again.

She wept in despair, shivering in the fog and the desperate cold that had worsened since the journey started. When she was sure it was all over, she remembered the light, the beautiful, warm light that had filled her with hope earlier, and recognized she couldn't give up. That light was the source of her inspiration; it was more than just the sun. She wasn't sure how she knew that, but there was no doubt within her that it was the purest truth.

It was then that Anima understood that she had to use her inner strength, her willpower, to reach the top. It was a great power that lay within her, an inexhaustible source she could draw upon whenever she needed it.

THE THREE GIFTS - www.acceptancetechnique.com

"I won't give up," she murmured, trying with all her force to continue forward. It was such a terrible challenge. Her whole being ached. The exhaustion was so desperate that at times she felt she could not move another inch, and yet Anima managed to continue.

She continued climbing, grunting with strength and determination; her breathing was agitated. Anima had to make sure that it would be worth all the pain, fear, and despair in the end.

To her horror, the mountain went on and on. No matter how many hours she spent climbing, the rocks seemed never to end. She found herself on the threshold of death more than once. Her strength depleted, muscles aching. Each time she passed out from those terrible conditions, Anima would eventually wake up with renewed determination to complete the test.

After what seemed like an eternity, she caught a glimpse of the summit and sobbed with relief. She had overcome so much suffering, but there it was, just a few meters ahead of her. She couldn't stop struggling now that she could see the end of the first stage of her long journey.

Those last few meters were painful, but she wasn't going to stop when she was already so close. She gritted her teeth hard and continued climbing, step by step, moving towards the top.

With the last of her remaining strength, she rolled over the final rock and fell on her back, seeing the sky instead of a mountain that had seemed eternal before. That sky was so blue, not a single cloud around, and Anima was sure she had never seen anything so beautiful in the past. She rested for a few moments there, admiring the sky and trying to catch her breath.

When she was able to stand, her legs were shaking, but the worst was over. Smiling triumphantly, she felt relief and pride in herself. She discovered the Will Master in front of her, an old man who seemed to have existed since the beginning of the universe itself. A beautiful blue light surrounded his body, and his smile filled her with optimism and confidence.

THE THREE GIFTS - www.acceptancetechnique.com

"Welcome, my child. I knew you would reach me. You should be proud of yourself and remember this lesson for your life. Willpower is the most powerful force in the universe, and you used it to overcome the mountain that stood before you. It's an inexhaustible source of energy that you can always access. It will never be easy, but as you have learned, it will be worth it in the end."

Anima nodded with a smile and saw the Master extend his hand to her, offering her a collar that glowed with the same light that surrounded him. He didn't have to explain to her that the beautiful collar was made of all the willpower she gathered during this journey.

It was a beautiful gift, and she had earned it on her merit.

She took it and thanked him, placing it around her neck. She felt the light surrounding and going inside her. This gave her joy and made her feel complete.

The man and Anima said goodbye, and the young woman began the long walk home. Although it was a long journey, she never lost her will.

Soon, her memories returned, and the landscape around her made sense. She knew that her home was only a few miles away, which meant a few hours of constant walking. But now, she felt rested and ready to return. The plane of reality was returning to normal.

When she arrived home, she threw herself on the bed and slept for what felt like an eternity. Anima was relieved to be able to rest with her loved ones.

Little did she know that there would be other lessons to learn.

THE THREE GIFTS - www.acceptancetechnique.com

THE THREE GIFTS - www.acceptancetechnique.com

Her family lived in a rented house from a man in the country, something Anima didn't dislike. Still, she always felt there could be something better. She looked for some jobs in the area that paid enough to provide good savings, and once she took the first one, she began her life as a part-timer.

She worked a lot, and even if at times it seemed like an impossible task to complete (there were always new expenses and temptations to buy), Anima knew she could reach her goal. She used her willpower to keep going and eventually succeeded.

Once they had the new house, she said goodbye to her family. She promised to return soon; from now on, Anima was going on a journey of self-discovery. When she saw them all in their new home, she could leave without any regrets. There was hugging and crying, but no regretful goodbyes.

It was then that she began to walk along the lonely road, confident in finding the place. After so much walking, she came upon a series of shortcuts that led her to a giant maze, so enormous that it seemed endless. As she retraced her steps, Anima saw that her return path was covered with twigs in the same way. She was now part of the maze.

This frightened her for not being sure if she would manage to find her way out. She held her collar between her fingers and smiled, knowing she had the willpower to continue, no matter how many challenges she would face.

To her surprise, as she walked, she began to notice that the maze wasn't static but constantly changing. If she didn't complete it in a hurry, she would be confused and desperate at a dead end. She thought of all the moments where her situations changed, as her states and feelings in life seemed not to be static. When she wanted to look for a way out to move forward smoothly, adversity would occur, and she would end up more lost than before.

Using her intelligence and ability to overcome confusion and despair, she began to detect the changing patterns, managing to reach the end before time ran out. She remembered how her father taught her to solve the mazes in comic strips in the earliest childhood. She only had to see all the paths to the left. If you reached a dead end, there was nothing to fear. You just needed to retrace your steps and try the following way, always to the left.

THE THREE GIFTS - www.acceptancetechnique.com

Anima knew that she would lose her mind forever and surrender to madness if she failed too many times. In this test, her mind's loss of control was put to the test when confusion and mental fatigue reached their peak. But she didn't let herself be defeated and crossed the threshold to the exit of the labyrinth, feeling fulfilled and happy.

On her way out, she met another old man, the Master of Mind. This shining entity discharged a beautiful golden energy. Her mind felt free as if all the restrictions of her doubts and confusions dissipated in the presence of the Master.

"You have passed the second test, Anima. Your achievements will allow you to know yourself better and to understand the world around you. By using your new abilities, you will reach a higher level of happiness, higher to what you had known in the past." The entity offered her this time a ring with a beautiful golden jewel, which had an engraving representing the grooves of the brain, "Our mind is an inexhaustible source of wisdom and knowledge. It allows us to learn, solve and transcend any experience. Train your mind, young Anima, to be able to create and attract your new experiences. Life can be like a labyrinth, confusing and constantly changing. Still, by using our minds, we can find solutions based on our previous experiences. Always remember to ask yourself questions, analyze problems, look for an alternative that you didn't think possible, and you'll see how you end up finding the way out of any mental maze."

Anima thanked her new Master for his teachings and left, feeling ready for a new challenge. When she looked back, she saw how the labyrinth was now just a straight path. She felt more powerful than ever.

THE THREE GIFTS - www.acceptancetechnique.com

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