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Entreat Me Not




Did you miss this, over this festive period? Shavuot, Pentecost and Ruth. 

Shavuot and Pentecost are essentially the same feast. 

Shavuot celebrates the giving of the Torah, (where 3000 souls were lost), Pentecost, the giving of the Holy Spirit to man, (where 3000 were saved) The outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the first disciples of Yeshua placed the giver of the Torah, and also His son, the only one who ever truly kept the Torah, (our savior), inside the true believer. The true believer is one who bears the mark and fruit of His Spirit! (That is right. The Torah has not been rendered irrelevant or abolished, but rather written on the heart of the believer.)

These words of Ruth the Moabite, (the lyric of this song found in the book of Ruth, which is read over this festive season) show such beautiful devotion of Ruth to her mother-in-law. This kind of devotion we should have for our Messiah, if we truly desire to be His bride. This can only be achieved by our faith and, of course, by the power of the Spirit. This is the incorruptible seed, given to us by grace when we are born again. When we give this seed our fertile soil, the seed will grow and change us. We will become like Him, from one degree of glory to another, as we behold Him. At this point we do that by looking into the perfect law of liberty, the mirror of His word. When we read the law, for example, we should read now with a heart that does not condemn us, but our born-again Spirit witnesses: This is who I am. And we begin to overcome sin. HalleleluYah.

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You and I can enjoy the same favor if we will become good soil for the gift of His grace (the incorruptible seed of His Spirit). 

He wants to give us His kind of love. The kind of love that wants to walk in the ways of the Father and keep His commandments,   and to become obedient to His voice, whenever we might hear it.

He wants to give us love for His people. And I mean love for all of the commonwealth of Israel. That is, both Jew and Gentile. By that I mean for the true believing Jew, of the tribe of Judah, plus Benjamin, the Southern Kingdom of Israel, who have returned to the land. And love for the Gentile, (the lost Northern Kingdom of 10 tribes (called goy / gentile by the Jew) and the mixed multitude from the world, who have come to believe with them all known as Christians today. These are our brothers (Regarding the prophecy of Ezekiel and the two sticks, they are known as Ephraim and Israel his companions ).

These make up the commonwealth of Israel, who when believers in Yeshua Messiah become one new man in Him.

It also means that we love all of the people of the world, because Messiah died for them, for he seeks whosoever will believe, having come to save sinners. He desires to give them the same gift of His Spirit and eternal life and save them from having to live eternally without Him, because they chose to serve and give alegience to His enemies, and would have nothing of Him. We seek to reveal Him to them, that He may see the fruit of His travail.

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